Women have always been an important topic of discussion. Right from the 18th century women have faced hard shops and difficulties. But due to the struggle of various leaders, women empowerment is finally achieved. And that is why the status of women in the 2st century has improved. Here are a few areas in which we notice change:-

  1. Education

Education was only restricted to men. Because men would become doctors, engineers, etc. But all women were supposed to do was be at home and manage the household. Over the period of time, however, women received education and have conquered higher levels than men.

  1. Diversity

Whatever caste, creed, colour, race you belong to, women are encouraged in different fields and promoted on the basis on their merit. Our society today, is homogeneous. If you encourage diversity, you encourage a variety of ideas and visions to flourish. This gives rise to better opportunities.

  1. Religion

This is one of the most important areas. However, we do not really notice a huge change in the field considering the religious controversies that exist. Women were untouchable. Though that has been eradicated. The practice of widow remarriage and sati is prohibited. During menstruation, women however are still not permitted to conduct religious rites, attend religious customs or visit religious institutions. It is going to be long since that will be eradicated.

  1. Reservation

As a man or third gender, do you accept the concept of reservation for women? None the less seats are reserved for women in the parliament, while traveling, and even generally it is ‘First come, first serve’. How much do we actually follow this? Think about it.

  1. Employment

Women are allowed to excel today. Women also receive promotions. In some organizations however, the glass ceiling still exists and there is discrimination. But women are strong enough to resist pressure. They strive hard and make their way through the impossible. This is the only way how we can individually initiate change.




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