People are so influenced by brands . And this is not common only among teenagers ,but the old as well. Keeping up with a progressing society ,is the need of the generation. Because with popularity ,comes prestige and respect. Brand names are become a part of our everyday speech. We use these names in our conversations so often ,that we don’t even realize how important it has become as a part of our materialistic world. And in this way , with fashion as a growing trend ,brand names too are just gaining more popularity.  And we need to know just why this is happening. Stating below are a few reasons why ,fashion brands are only becoming popular and are so trending :-

  1. A modern urbanized society

We live in a society where the want is greater than the need.  India has reached it’s extremes in all areas and also with regards to fashion ,our country is doing better. As the country does better ,so do we . The level of lifestyle is improving . People do not want to engage in shopping for just what you need but want much more than that . And so comes the need for brands and shopping branded outfits irrespective of the cost . Because we believe that expensive clothing is totally worth the deal!

  1. Brands are the craze for teenagers

You are going to be brand conscious if you are still young ,even though you are broke. They become something you crave and literally get into your psyche. Teenagers go to schools and colleges and among groups and cliques ,is the need to show off your branded outfits , jewelry ,shoes and more. Moreover ,it has such a great impact on you that even the friends you make ,depends on the common brands you share and like.

  1. Durability and cost

Branded outfits are expensive. That’s very much because these clothes go through careful designing. And hence ,we do not mind buying something expensive . It lasts long and certainly has good quality.

  1. Advertisements and marketing

Though fashion brands are self expressing , advertisements are still the need of today. Sellers use advertisements in a way to promote their fashion brand . Hoardings , the internet and the newspapers are other sources. These advertisements are greatly having an influence on the minds of the youth. The fact that fashion stores in malls are so crowded with teenagers is a very clear example.

  1. A new shopping experience

Online shopping and mall culture ,is only creating more expectations among the people. And this creates a pressure on retailers to offer a new shopping experience to the public. The pressure to make it more creative and attractive to consumers .


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