Getting into the modeling industry is like getting ready to experience a roller-coaster ride. Once you have a set plan you thereupon research . On searching for a good modeling agency ,you then make sure you have a portfolio in place. A portfolio stands as the models resume ,but a comp card is like a models business card. With one side possessing your best photos , the other has the name of your agency . Models are independent contractors and they should be responsible enough to get their own marketing materials in place. A comp card is actually a composite card. Z card , a Zed card or a Sed card are other ways a comp card is called. Here are a few questions that are usually asked regarding it’s purpose and use:-

  1. Why do you need a comp card?

A comp card serves as a business card. One needs a comp card got the very purpose of self promotion and marketing. Mostly used by models and actors . Allows b you to put yourself out to the professionals who in turn may give you the chance to meet them. It opens up a new avenues  to generate income. To showcase your talent it is a very effective way and the budget is also minimum. Every agency comes with its own requirements and therefore, you will need to have a separate computer card depending on the needs of the agency.

  1. What does your comp card comprise of

The layout for a comp card is quite standard. The size is approximately 6” × 9”. A glossy card top is present. It comprises of one large photo and 4 smaller photos with your name, contact and other details at the bottom. In addition to the pictures it should hold general information regarding height, weight, hair , color ,etc . basically information that agencies are scouting. Make sure you choose the photos that best represent you. You need to give the viewer a strong look at your skills and versatility.

  1. What should the format or design be?

A comp card could be printed or done online. Models today use both these techniques . Online comp cards are cheap and better to just swap through rather than printing hundreds of pictures. Slides, prints or digital images can also be used to do it. You can create one by yourself or ask your photographer to do it. With the rise in technology , it is possible to design your comp card by choosing any layout option available and create it your own style.

  1. Why us there a need to update?

The pictures on the comp card need to display the model’s current appearance. If the model has undergone any changes ,he / she will have to update the same. The comp card can be requested as and when required, if you have better pictures.



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