Do you inspire fashion or does fashion inspire you? It works both ways. You always have a lot to learn from every new thing you see or do. You can learn from the backward and not just those experienced in the field of fashion. We have learnt a lot from our ancestors. Not only that , but also we are still learning from the tribal. Africa is one continent that holds most of the prominent tribes. These tribes are an inspiration to designers all over the world. The colors ,prints ,patterns are something designers are working on. Let us now explore into the fields of fashion that we been inspired by , because of these Tribes. This may not only be in regards to apparels ,but handicrafts , accessories and Art. Listing a few below as follows:

  1. Tattoos

From being used as a sign of cultural status and jewelry ,tattoos today are just a symbol of the cool look. Tattoos in Africa were a way of protecting from evil ,social status , prestige , curing diseases and much more. They originated as patterns and today vary in different sizes ,shapes and versions. Tattoos today are also another way of just expressing yourself. And both men and woman accepted it worldwide. Though it still suffers stigma , people today are trying their best to break barriers.

  1. Piercing

In Africa , men and women would get a piercing that would each represent a symbol related to strength ,power and status. Since antiquity the art of piercing is being practiced. Piercing can be obtained on different parts of body and is considered as symbol of fashion. Piercings are just done for pleasure , satisfaction , interest or just a way of self expression and is a form of body modification.

  1. Clothes

Initially , people belonging to the tribe usually walked around naked or used leaves to cover themselves. Vibrant color clothes came to use. The dresses used today are basically a representation of the wild side. Today designers have introduced a variety of silhouettes and drapes as an influence of tribal clothing.

  1. Accessories

With regards to accessories , tribal people used maximum accessories. Quite rich and unique in design ,it is multi-colored and involves beads , spikes , spooky objects. An exotic collection, today,is very profound among the youth. Moreover necklaces ,earrings , bracelets as well as head wraps in different styles and designs are available.

  1. Handicrafts

Tribal handicrafts could include anything from bags , showpieces ,wall hanging etc. They have a lot of asymmetrical patterns and colors on them. The handicrafts today, are just a replica of the skill the tribal people possessed and a sign of their cultural identity.


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