You only live once . And life is too short to wear boring clothes. Yes we agree ,you stick to something you look the best and are comfortable in . But we suggest you always try something new. You ne know what outfit may surprise you. Change in constant and every season the fashion industry has something new to offer you. Its time to upgrade your wardrobe. Be it a theme party or just an outing here is a list of fashion style you must try at least once in your lifetime:-

  1. Casual

This is more like the airport look you spot celebrities in. Simple clothing that will include a plain fitting top over distressed / boyfriend jeans. You can match it up with accessories like a watch or a bag.

  1. Exotic

This type of style id something most ordinary people will not prefer. It is very intriguing. It includes a lot of colours ,prints ,mosaics , etc.

  1. Bohemian

Also known as Boho or Boho chic. Focuses on free flowing fabrics and emphasis on layers. You can wear jackets , scarves on top of each other. Follows a trendy exotic type of clothing.

  1. Vintage

Imitates the style of the previous era. Literally means antique . Type of clothing would be retro or retrospective.

  1. Goth

This type of fashion is influenced by the Goth culture. Includes morbid dresses and involves mostly ,the color black. Black hair ,a black dress and a matt black lipstick.

  1. Tomboy

This look on the streets has indeed become very trendy. Not every girl is into tops ,heels or skirts. A few can carry the tomboyish look really well. The dressing includes an oversized t-shirt ,a jacket ,boots , boyfriend jeans and a pair of headphones that enhances the cool look.

  1. Chic style

Chic style is characterized by trendy and fashionable clothing. It means being simple in a not so simple way. This makes you stand out on the street and look smart.

  1. Sexy

The word says it all.  This style will literally grab the attention of audience and have heads turn around. Not every woman will pull this off . Moreover ,you need the guts and confidence. Clothing will include anything that will show off your best features.

  1. Cowgirl

Cowgirl style is very typical. It is so easy to spot anyone in a cowgirl hat ,a larger jacket ,a belt or boots , carrying the cowgirl style.

  1. Office

This typically covers the audience into business. Sophisticated and the clothing will seek respect. You can carry a blazer ,or a formal top and a pencil skirt.


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