Makeup is an essential choice. If you want yours to be the best, you better make the right choice. Use the best brands offered by the fashion industry. If you choose your products, also make sure you stick by it. Once you choose these top brands, you will not regret your decision. And so, here a few top make up brands that you must go for, without second thought:-

  1. Maybelline

One of the top American makeup brands. Though they started small, who does not know about Maybelline, today? They deliver a variety of products in different shades.

  1. L’ORÉAL

With loreal, you will never be disappointed. A French company, L’Oréal is a top beauty brand. Right from eyeliner, lipstick to every little makeup product, they have everything to offer you.

  1. Sephora

An in house range of cosmetics and products. If you think of buying make up, this is one of the best makeup retail store.

  1. MAC

The brand was founded in the year 1984. Though it was initially introduced for models and professionals, today, it suits the needs of people for regular use, too. Offers the best range of makeup products.

  1. Lakme

Instead of spending money for foreign exchange on beauty products, Tata introduced the brand in India. The products are within reach and affordable to every Indian woman.

  1. Revlon

Top American brand offering nail polish, lipstick, compact powder and a versatile range of beauty products. The brand has been hitting the global market.

  1. Colorbar

Introduced in India, today has made its way through a number of countries worldwide. The brand has been awarded considering its quality, service as well as the range of cosmetics available.

  1. Avon

The brand was introduced in the year 1886. It has been years and has not lost popularity. Not just good with service related to cosmetics and beauty care, but also hair, skin and personal care products.

  1. Dior

The brand has been revolutionary. Truly paved a successful path in the fashion industry. The brand is creative, excellent as well as sells luxury products.

  1. NARS

Knars is a French cosmetic company , initially behan by selling only 12 lipsticks and today is diverse with regards to beauty products they sell.




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