Once you get out of school there arises this curiosity of getting something cool because that’s when no one can tell you what not to do. Get a cool hairstyle is not always easy to pull off. Probably one bold step you take. And the fact that you do that itself proves that you can get funky. Once you have got the idea of what you want, your stylist will do the rest for you. Here are some top funky hairstyles just in case you are looking for something in the field:-

  1. Highlighted bob

This hairstyle will give you a chic look and is kind of bohemian. The messy curls can be highlighted for a better look.

  1. Shaved at the sides

Here the sides of your hair at shaved and the middle will be puffed with the rest of the hair tied up in a knot.

  1. Mohawk

This is for the bold and beautiful. Only for the strong girls. Your mohawk is basically hair totally shaved at the sides and spiked hair in the middle. You can highlight this with any color for a funky look.

  1. Spikes

These won’t ever go of style. A hairstyle for not just the boys but the girls as well. Very easy and convenient.

  1. Pixie

A pixie is actually a very decent hairstyle. But there is a lot you can do to punk it up. Short and quirky, it is a cropped hairstyle that is usually above the ears. Streaks of gold will give the hairstyle an amazing look.

  1. Cornrows

When you think of the 90s hip hop style, cornrows come to mind. The African women slay this hairstyle. It comes in various styles and patterns.

  1. Undercut

This has been trending lately. An undercut is only noticeable when you tie all your hair up. It is for the cool and gives you a cool look.

  1. Locks

If you don’t know what these are, go back to thinking about Bob Marley. This will give your hair volume. Something you’d love to sport. More so, you can color it for a better look.

  1. Pigtails

A weird hairstyle takes you back to school days. But two bun pigtails on half done hair with a fringe is really cool. Also, weird.

  1. Get the colors

Any hairstyle you think of will look funky if you get the colors on. And these are not sober colors, these are either highlights or shades of neon.




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