Fashion is the most wide area in the blogging industry. Who does not want to keep up with the upcoming fashion. They serve as inspiration to upcoming models and stylists are always ready to make the best use of their products on the clients. From edgy style to bohemia , women love fashion. The internet is the best platform to focus deeper into any particular area ,related to fashion. Social media thereby , helps followers of fashion improve and work better on their sense of style. Bloggers are here to keep you updated . More over , fashion bloggers can improve your hair style , outfit and appearance. Here is a list of a few of them :-

  1. Anshita Juneja

One of the best bloggers in India. She started her own blog called “Vanity no Apologies” . Her work is reflected in all her blogs. Provides reviews and helps you choose the best products that matches your skin type. Personally , picks her clothes and accessories online  and her style is a mixture of classic with a boho touch.

  1. Aayushi Bangur

Aayushi Bangur has her own blog called Styldrv. She talks alot about traveling and visiting places , about jewelry being an important part of a woman’s life ,also about food and a lot more. Aayushis photographs are all captured in the South Bombay giving a taste of her Indo Western style.

  1. Gia Kashyap

Started as a youtuber ,today she is working hard on her blog Giasaysthat . The blog includes graphics and content. She believes fashion is fun.  She offers jobs to women via her blogs as well as talks about Budget shopping.

  1. Shalini Chopra

Runs the blog Stylish by nature. She literally advises on how people can keep with the latest trends of fashion. From Banglore , blogging was only a hobby till she was asked for advise on fashion personally. Readers love and support is her motivation and engages in both the Eastern and Western world to get a taste of both.

  1. Rhea Gupte

One of the popular blogs Fuss ,is held by Rhea. Located in Goa enjoys street as well as sophisticated shoots. She also takes up several other projects. Convinces the people to talk through channels and speak up.

  1. Debasree Banerjee

A degree in Biotechnology ,she writes a blog named All she needs. Talks about fashion ,beauty , cosmetics , lifestyle and skincare and covers everything that you need to know. Today ,het blog is considered as one of the most influential as she uses simple language catering to the audience.

  1. Santoshi Shetty

Santoshi Shetty is from the Style Edge ,is an architecture student and a blogger , has a very tomboyish style. Her blog is really descriptive ,includes graphics and focuses on different types of dressing styles ,types ,brands , etc.

  1. Aashna Shroff

Belongs to the very popular the Snob journal. Known for her diversity in quirky and cute outfits and the way she pulls them off along with suitable accessories.



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