Fashion is continuously evolving. There is so much to learn and do much to share. While there is always something new in the fashion industry ,there are also a few things that run out of style. Your sense of fashion is what you make out of it. On the way you walk ,talk , your personality and physique. As audience ,you have a lot to learn from. Over time ,we have been dependent over various inspirational figures in the fashion industry. Here are a few fashion icons that have obviously made you want to be like them.  Stating below are the names of a few :-

  1. Madonna

Madonna has been a great influence over other celebrities. She has literally changed her sense of fashion so many times ,but is still so noticeable. An American pop singer ,actress she possesses style and fashion that us hard to forget.

  1. Lady Gaga

You spot a very colorful figure of Hollywood TV ,well that’s none other than Lady Gaga. Her hair colors and styles are worth noticing. Lady Gaga literally has broken boundaries with the outfits she chooses to wear. She is in collaboration with really profound designers and has worked her way through in the best way with her display of scarves ,feathers and other sporting looks.

  1. James Dean

An actor who maybe no longer with us but is still continuing to inspire millions with his charm and style. His look was rather casual ,yet confident. His contribution to the field of fashion as an icon is totally effortless.

  1. Michael Jackson

This figure will never be forgotten. The king of pop music continue to reign in our hearts. His style was dazzling and unique. The make up ,jackets and the gloves were something he cherished. Michael Jackson would flaunt it doing the ‘Moon dance’.

  1. Priyanka Chopra

A young , inspiring and talented fashion icon in the Bollywood industry , belonging to the 21st century. The glamour and confidence has got her international attention ,too. Priyanka can slay her good side in any outfit she wears.

  1. Princess Diana

Princess Diana has her own unique sense if style. She made sure she is comfortable in what she wears. She is known to have revived British fashion. Continues to be an inspiration to the royal family and was the face of Mark’s and Spencer’s for years to come.

  1. Naomi Campbell

A super model with an amazing figure , personality and charisma. Anything she wears makes her look good. Whether in a long dress or a short one ,she rocks the red carpet with all that fame and glamour.

  1. Marilyn Monroe

Just looking at her makes you want to be like her. Though she may have passed away at a very young age ,she was one blonde hot woman. Her curvy body ,dresses ,high waist pants are still an inspiration to the audience.

  1. Audrey Hepburn

Vintage fashion will never grow old. Audrey Hepburn followed a classic style of fashion. Her style was clean including striped sweaters ,jeans , sunglasses ,hats and much more.

  1. Rihanna

If you are looking for fresh beauty icons ,we have Rihanna. She has so much to offer with regards to her beauty and style. Inspired by  fashion icons who are long gone , Rihanna can wear any kind of clothing ,be it boyfriend jeans to a long transparent skinny fit gown.



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