TOP 10 EYEWEAR BRANDS                                                        

If you think I am ignoring you, I just have my glasses on. Eyewear is popular both among men and women all over the world. While you’re on a vacation or just as an accessory, you surely should not forget to have your pair of sunglasses with you. Eyewear can help you enhance vision, protect you from the sun or just act as an accessory. Here are a few eyewear brands that are very popular:-

  1. Ray Ban

One of the most and widely heard of, Ray Ban comes with the best collection of eyewear suiting everyone’s need. An American company, with the best sunglasses in the world.

  1. Persol

Persoli is an Italian term for ‘the sun’. Founded in the year 1917, it is one of the oldest companies for sunglasses. A very reasonable brand, catering to the middle class population. Persol makes the most durable and stylish glasses.

  1. Prada

Prada does not come with simple eyewear. There is something really peculiar about them. They have oversized, shimmer frames, features bright colours and thick rims.

  1. American Optical

American Optical was founded in 1826, an old eyewear brand. Regular glasses, lens tinted of different colours. Long lasting sunglasses, also you pay for something that is top quality.

  1. Randolph Engineering

An American brand strongly associated with the US government, making sunglasses that were used by the navy and army. Due to its excellent quality, they are not cheap. Also, very tough, indestructible and creative.

  1. Moscot

With its headquarters in New York City, it is nearly a five generation old eyewear brand. They specialize in frames and sunglasses. Having the most authentic style of iconic eyewear for nearly 100 years now.

  1. Cutler and Gross

A British eyewear brand, with a combination of Italian style and a cool look. Practical, beautiful and functional ,it holds a modern look with respect to lens and frame.

  1. Mykita

Mykita is very well known for its precision in designing handmade frames and sunglasses. German eyewear made from stainless steel, mylon and acetate. It is flexible and long lasting.

  1. Maui Jim

Introduced in Hawaii, it was only popular there for a few years till the rest of the world got to know about it. Due to its excellent quality and toughness, it is excellent for the adventurous ones and those that love to travel.

  1. Oliver people’s

An expensive American brand, designed for its amazing quality, use of material and detailing.


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