Jeans are the most stylish casual type of clothing. They can literally be worn for any occasion, and paired with any kind of a top. Moreover, it’s so easy to just slide in a pair of jeans. Something that occupies least space in your luggage on a vacation and suits all body types. Today the use of jeans as clothing among teenagers is common. Not just that, youngsters are looking for certain brands and the level of comfort these brands offer. Here is a list of the top 10 brands for jeans:-

  1. Wrangler

An American brand that offers clothing, especially work wear. Wrangler has the most comfortable jeans and western clothing. The brand has nearly 70 years of experience in creating the perfect pair of denim jeans.

  1. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is a popular brand for apparels, fragrances, footwear and accessories.  There is an availability of a variety of jeans for men ranging from skinny fit to straight fit. Also has a variety of jeans for both women and children.

  1. Levi’s

The most famous brands of jeans, for people of all body shapes and sizes. Levi’s known as Levi’s Strauss Inc. Comes with its authentic style and craftsmanship bringing to you the most modern fits.

  1. Lee

Jeans for guys as well as girls. The brand offers good quality and ensures customer satisfaction. Provides a jean with a fit that meets today’s trend.

  1. Diesel

The most popular jeans brand in India. The brand was founded in the year, 1978 and gained popularity instantly. Creative craftsmen, coming up with the best designs and fit.

  1. Pepe jeans

A brand particularly for the making of jeans and denims. It suits women, who have a style of their own with the ability to carry these. The fit is indeed comfortable and relaxing

  1. Spykar

Saluting the makers, for coming up with the most fashionable pair of jeans. It covers a wide range and suits a formal look to any event or someone who is trying to pull off a casual and playful look.

  1. Guess

One of the most expensive, yet best selling American brand. Mostly it caters only to the upper middle class. However, it comes with the finest collection of jeans and denims.

  1. Calvin Klein

Everybody has heard of this brand. Stylish and elegant ,most famous brand in America and top selling in the world. The reason it has got fame is due to its variety in styles and available at affordable rates.

  1. Flying machine

An Indian company, with an authentic style. It provides an urban look that meets the requirements of most men.





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