Women will never compromise on their accessories. Handbags are a must. Women and handbags are synonymous. The need to remain fashionable is quite a trend, today. However, with the rise of several brands, women demand the use of luxury handbags. If you are a celebrity or belong to the upper middle class, it is something you would buy without giving it a thought. Here are a few brands for luxury handbags you should invest in:-

  1. Chanel

A French company, possessing a collection that serves as a perfect addition to any girl’s closet. Chanel comes with a range of handbags in a variety of colors, materials and designs.

  1. Louis Vuitton

A French luxury retail fashion company started in 1854 by Louis Vuitton. Excellent craftsmanship and authentic style, they have everything from hobo bags, cross handbags, shop with unique designs and perfect for travel.

  1. Prada

An Italian company started in 1913, famous for its accessories. However, the best they do is specializing in leather handbags. Prada has the most iconic collection.

  1. Hermes

Named after a Roman Olympic God, these products go through rigorous checking, till they hand you the best.  Hence, despite huge prices, the demand is still high for its exquisite handbags and saddles.

  1. Fendi

An Italian company, founded in 1925 is known for their B bags. Come in various types like lambskin, black crocodile leather and various other designs.

  1. Valentino

Already having a good name in clothing, Valentino is also popular in the women handbag industry. The brand comes in bright colors, in crocodile skin and is also growing in demand.

  1. Esbeda

An Indian company yet tops the fashion house. Esbeda combines practicality with style. Esbeda comes with the most stylish bags for office, clutches, party and all other kind.

  1. Guess

An American brand that caters to the middle class population. A combination of class and style can be used for both party and casual events. Guess has a collection that has a youngish look.

  1. Michael Kors

An American brand, though have come up with a lot of fake companies it is important to buy the original. A fancy collection catering to the urban population.

  1. Caprese

The brand is a reflection of Italian fashion as well as style. The design literally reads the mind of urban women, with an aesthetic sense that suits all occasions.


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