First impression is the last impression. Rightly said, because as human beings we have the tendency to judge, the first time we meet somebody. Whether you’re at work or just a casual outfit, keeping up to your personality is very important. Nobody really notices what you eat, drink, but people surely notice what you wear and the way you carry yourself. Life is too short to dress boring. Waking up to groom you is never a waste of time. And hence, here are a few tips to groom yourself:-

  1. Maintain hygiene

Personal hygiene is very important. If you remain clean, people will like to remain in your personal space. Shower daily, comb your hair; brush your teeth to maintain a clean breath, cut your nails and keep a deodorant with you at all times. Boyd should keep their facial hair trimmed and neat.

  1. Take good care of your face and skin

Wash your face regularly. Apply sunscreen or moisturizer whenever needed. Avoid rubbing your eyes. Use a towel and pat your face dry. Manage your facial hair. Use tweezers to maintain your eyebrows. If you notice pimples or blemishes, it is advisable you visit a dermatologist.

  1. Dress well

Keep your clothing casual. Do not overdress. Use appropriate accessories like scarves, jackets; these will make you look smart. Style need not be expensive. Keep it simple. Do not wear too revealing clothes. Stay modest, because simplicity is style. Boys too, should maintain a smart dress code.

  1. Get a haircut

Get a good haircut that suits your face. Grow your hair only if you have enough time to maintain it. The shorter the hair, the better. Boys too should grow their hair to a decent length. Long hair is just messy hair

  1. Keep your makeup minimal

Make-up is only to help you stand out. Do not wear too much make up or too little. Keep your lipstick light. Wearing makeup is suitable for all events.

  1. Exercise and eat healthy

This is the most natural step to grooming your personality. Exercising will help you stay in good health, weight and maintain a good posture. Develop healthy eating habits and drink plenty of water. Helps your skin glow and makes you look radiant.

  1. Avoid negativity

Your thoughts will reflect your personality. Keep away from negative thoughts. The more you avoid negativity, the happier you look. Develop relationships that will help you stay happy and cheerful. If it doesn’t give you happiness, let it go.

  1. Always smile

A smile is the best accessory you can wear. Carry a smile on your face always. Keep a positive attitude. A smile will help you work on your anxiety and fears.





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