Dry skin comes without a warning. Young or old it will follow. This will happen due to several reasons. But life is too short to deal with petty problems. You can get rid of dry skin using several techniques. It may work or not, depending on the way you use these tips and your skin. With so much emphasis on beauty, treating dry skin should be a matter of concern. Here are a few tips on how to get rid of dry skin:

  1. Avoid using bar soap

Using bar soap will dry your skin. Use a face wash instead, this will help moisturize as well as cleanse. If your skin is dry, the more you wash your face with bar soap, the drier it will get.

  1. Use oils

Oil is one of the best tropical and natural treatments for your skin. It helps hydrate your skin and you can exfoliate. Every drop of oil helps moisturize. Using oil in its purest form is the best tip.

  1. Drink lots of water

Drinking plenty of water is the solution to nearly every problem. There is absolutely no substitute for water. Drinking 8 glasses or more will radiate and moisturize your skin, making it glow. Coffee will cause your body to lose fluids and alcohol dehydrates you. Water is always the best solution.

  1. Quit steamy showers

Say yes to warm showers, no to hot showers. Hot water will make your skin drier. Hot showers cause the natural protective oil layer to wear out, leaving you skin dry.

  1. Protect from sun and chemicals

While stepping into the sun, apply sunscreen. The UV rays will only cause wrinkles, dryness and damage. During winters, skin drying is natural. Moisturize well. Also, protect your skin from glycerine and other chemicals.

  1. Try a healthy diet

Change your eating habits. Switch to some healthy food. Eat fruits and vegetables high in water content. Apples are most healthy and will keep you hydrated. Eat foods like peanut butter, olive oil, salmon and walnuts.

  1. Visit a dermatologist

If nothing helps at all, you should visit a dermatologist. They will provide you some creams and supplements, if needed. Increase your intake if vitamins and nutrients.


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