Children are the makers of fashion. Who said they do not know style? If you have a good dressing sense, your children will pick on that too. For children, grooming not only means fashion. It means hygiene, most importantly. As an adult it is important to keep your child groomed. Children are good at learning. Hence, if you impart certain qualities into them at a young age, they will follow that even as they grow up. Here is a list on a few tips on child grooming:

  1. Cleanliness

Cleanliness is next to godliness. Teach your child to remain clean. Washing hands and face after coming home from out, having a bath daily without a fuss, brushing your teeth are basic habits that they must learn. Children are stubborn and therefore, it is better to develop fun ways to get into these habits.

  1. Manners

Children must learn good manners. Using the magical words like please, sorry and thank you will work wonders. Teach them the importance to greet someone on meeting them. Speak in a polite tone and behave well in public.

  1. Eating habits

These are very important, especially in public. Firstly, the child must learn to eat by themselves and not waste food. Also, eat without making a mess. Develop the habit of using a fork and spoon from childhood, but if that is difficult, careful use of only fingers to pick portions and not the whole hand, is something they need to learn. Moreover, chew your food properly with your mouth closed.

  1. Sharing

Teach them the attribute that, sharing is caring. Children can get possessive about their things. Teach them to share their belongings with friends, moreover, the less fortunate. Children are innocent. They fight often. Teach them how not to quarrel or argue.

  1. Do your work yourself

This is very important. Do not make children independent. Let them be independent and learn to do their own work on their own. Only then they will work as they grow. Try not to scold children. Let them learn to deal with their own problems.

  1. Dressing

With regards to dress, do not stereotype clothing. Boys can wear pink and girls can wear blue. Teach them this and not the opposite. Children can wear anything as long as they are comfortable. With the rise of brands in kids wear, children are becoming really fashionable with their outfits. Moreover the influence of media is also making them very fussy.



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