Communication in the workplace is an important process. Effective communication will ensure productivity level among employees. Communication at the workplace takes place in an upward and downward form. Communication at the workplace may not necessarily be only about work. It could be informal conversations as well. This will enhance job satisfaction among employees. Therefore, it is important to learn how to communicate in a work environment to ensure good results. A few tips are as follows:-

  1. Be clear and loud

Come out as clear and confident. When you mumble and speak too fast, it just looks like you are low on confidence. Speaking at the right pace will ensure that the opposite person understands what you are trying to tell them. Also, maintain your tone of voice. Don’t be too loud or too soft. Be polite.

  1. Vocabulary and body language

Not everyone will understand your vocabulary. Use words that can be understood by anyone and everyone. With regards to body language use the right gestures. Your body language plays an important role and could be misinterpreted. Smile, stand or sit upright, shaking hands are necessary gestures.

  1. Listen before you speak

Before you put your point across let the other person complete what they have to say. And after you understand what she or he says, only then should you speak. Communication is a two way process and you need to listen to everyone. Encourage people to talk freely.

  1. Feedback is essential

Always leave room for feedback. Do not just do your talking and walk away. Feedback will only help you know how well you were understood and vice versa. This is the most important step in communication. Don’t get too offensive when you receive feedback, use it as a way to improve instead.

  1. Schedule a one on one

Today most of the communication takes place online via emails, texts, etc. This is a convenient medium, however may at times not go through as you were supposed to put it. Therefore, it is important to schedule a one on one. This will leave room for suggestions and doubts and there will be no misunderstanding, whatsoever.

  1. Do not personalize criticism or dwell over it

When you receive or give criticism make sure you direct it towards situations and not people. Also, do not waste time dwelling over it. Find ways to improve yourself and work on the situation.








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