What do you do for a living? I am a content writer by profession. And the reaction you mostly get is obviously not every pleasing. As a content writer you have got to accept the fact that people do not consider this a pleasing job. But only those who do, know. And that is why we express our joy of writing:-

  1. More about you

If you think you know yourself, well you don’t. You only get to know yourself when you put pen to paper. Write about your good and bad. Read, write about random topics and the minute you start relating that’s when you know how much you love and how much you can actually do.

  1. Gain knowledge

There is knowledge that continues to flow. Life will never stop teaching if you don’t stop learning. There is so much you will read about and so much knowledge to gain. It is a lifelong process.

  1. Way to relax

When you take a break you usually travel. Bit this time, you take a break and write. Writing makes you stress free. Gets your mind off things you shouldn’t ne thinking about. Keeps you busy, doing something useful.

  1. Immense joy

Not everyone will realize till you look into this. Writing will make you happy. If it is something you are passionate about you will enjoy. Write in a place where thoughts allow to flow. Keep your mind open, let thoughts keep going. Enjoy what you see, write it all out.

  1. Easy language and vocabulary

As you continue to write you will not even realize when you get so fluent with language. Words will flow as thoughts emerge. Well that’s a skill you must possess. Use it in doing much better. Apart from content writing, make writing your hobby.

  1. Inspiring to inspire

When you receive compliments, you are on top on the world. This is what writing does. Somewhere, someone is reading what you wrote. They are being touched it is inspiring them. Their responses will motivate you to only do better. Always go back to your readers.





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