We are living era of fame, glamour and most importantly millennial’s. The emphasis on beauty and the influence of social media is encouraging the youth today to work towards modeling careers.  Also, many teen models can thereby earn huge payments ,  enter big leagues and make their families proud. And therefore, as the hunt for such growing is on the go , modeling agencies are working at them best. A modeling agency serves as basically your ‘mother agency’ . Though they take a roughly 20% cut from your salary and are often reliable. Here are a few tips to get spotted by a modeling agency:-


While choosing any career path , researching over the same is absolutely necessary. Firstly, you need to decide what style of modeling you are looking for .  The next step would be to look through catalogs, blogs , magazines and approach agencies if need be. Also, it is necessary to look and note down what these agencies are looking for and if you are their type of bread.  Research will also provide you information on legitimacy, reviews, the process and collaborations.

  1. Attractive profiles or portfolios

Firstly, if you are called even by an agency for a one on one interview , make sure your portfolio highlights your modeling skills, style and potential. A virtual CV could work wonders. This would help recruits catch up on your peculiar features that make you standard out. Modeling agencies are also looking for young talent over social media, particularly sites like Instagram. Make sure your accounts have photographs of you that followers crave to see. The higher the followers and likes as well as comments , the more that will attract these agents to your profile.  Most importantly use appropriate hashtags. This helps connect users under a common idea.

  1. Appear confident and show up on time

If you are doing it through a walk in interview again, make sure you be there on time. Being late puts off an impression the very first time itself. Be natural, be real and be spontaneous.  Coming out as an individual who is confident is what matters most. Show them your best side , by putting your best foot forward. Also, groom yourself well  and avoid looking like you just stepped out of bed. It’s better you work on yourself and prepare months in advance, so that you not only look pretty but also slay healthy.

  1. Perseverance

‘ Never give up’ . Modeling as a field requires a tremendous amount of determination and patience. There will be a couple of times when you may be rejected but that shouldn’t stop you from trying. Believe that failure is the stepping stone to success. You just never know when the doors will open for you. Read a few stories on Instagram by successful models , if it serves as any kind of  inspiration. Believe in what you do and in no time everything will work out for you.


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