Who does not like to hit the beach or make it to a pool. Young and old alike both love it. When it comes to wearing the right swimwear for different body types, our society is quite accepting that way. And so we notice emerging swimwear trends, that rule in style. Here are a few of them:-

  1. Sporty look

Go for an athletic look. Choose two different shades for the top and bottom. This is like the best look for those into sports and a healthy, fit look.

  1. Romantic

This is the sweet collection. A two piece wear of light colours in the shades of pink, yellow ,blue. A delicate piece of clothing with cute strings, buttons, ruffles and textures.

  1. Polka dots

Retro themed polka dots will never go out of style. But not everyone can carry this style. Though had lost its essence in a while, the trend is back. A shift to the good old days.

  1. Belted bikinis

Now this is not a common trend. It is something you might have noticed in the old detective movies. But today, you can spot this look by the beach.

  1. Strapless

For a confident look go strapless. This kind will get all eyes on you. It is here to help build your confidence. Once you get a little comfortable with bikinis in general, try out this look.

  1. Lace

Do you like the chic look? Try out lace. Pretty and slender you can walk the shore like you own it. Perfect for a shoot by the beach or maybe on a honeymoon.

  1. Low cut necks

Low cut necks are here to highlight your cleavage. Maybe you can use accessories like a long chain.

  1. High waisted bottoms

If you have noticed something trending in a while it is surely the high waisted bottoms, that has turned universal. The perfect summer look that will last a life time.

  1. Bold colours

Do not miss out on bold colours. Try neon colours that serve as sources of attraction. If you got the style you will carry neon well.

  1. Knots and laces

String bikini knots and laces look so good. These just add to the already existing style. Corals with knots are a perfect combination.



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