If you are a man, you are just expected to be strong. And meeting to societal pressure is the need of the day. If you are tall you are strong, they say. But what is you are not. Here are a few tips to work on your strength if you are short:-

  1. Lift weights

Short men should not lift weights, it is said because you remain short. That is not true. Instead lift weights. Lifting weights will boost metabolism, boost energy and make you strong.

  1. Push-ups

Engage in doing push-ups at least twice a day. This will provide muscle strength and will not give you the bulky look.

  1. Squats

Do 3 sets of squats daily. Squats will work on your lower body and help you look lean and fit. Squats work for literally any body type.

  1. Run

Running is the best exercise for strength training. As a short man, you should try and bun fat. Try and keep that below 12. For this, you must run or walk a lot.

  1. Pull along with pushing

Because you are short, you may not have a tight grip over things. And that is why pull. You must instead in more of pulling than pushing. This will help work on your grip and arm strength.

  1. Diet

You may say diet is not training. Let me tell you having a balanced diet is the most important part of your strength training. Cut down on fatty food and increase proteins in your diet. This will help you exercise or workout better, for quick results.

  1. Exercise is just enough

Exercise is enough. Do not overdo it. That will only give you a bulk, muscular look and make you look shorter than usual. Work instead towards a fit and lean body. Stretches along with your workout can work wonders.

  1. Engage in sports

You can use being short to your advantage on sports. Games like basketball help you gain momentum, speed, agility, work on muscles and provide strength and immunity.



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