Soft skills refers to the emotional quotient (EQ) of an individual. Just like training an individual for skills related to their field of work ,soft skills training is essential for an individual’s personality development and the ability to deal with fellow employees. An employee may be an all rounder at his job ,but when it comes to basic interaction with fellow employees at the workplace ,he/she may fall back miserably. The ability to make quick decisions ,think rationally and act purposefully are important skills employees at work must imbibe. Soft skills comprise of Emotional Intelligence , time management , business etiquettes ,etc. These skills are imparted through team building exercises. We now focus on the EI aspect and how through training it is imparted in employees.

EI refers to the ability to monitor ones own and others emotions ,to discriminate between them and use it to guide thinking and behavior. It helps communicate better ,get along with others and makes you self aware and reach full potential.

  1. Be a good team leader

Practice before you preach. Before you start working on your team ,it is important that you yourself have the necessary qualities as a leader . Your team members should respect you. As a team leader ,you need to work and manage your own emotions and be  able to stay calm. Also ,to effectively put out your thoughts bro your audience. Provide feedback when necessary and handle conflicts as and when they arise , because in a team setting conflicts are natural.

  1. Identify your teams weaknesses and strengths

Your team members are more than just your employees. They each have something to convey. Moreover , their strength and weakness provide setback. Therefore ,you have got to know each of them.  This could be done by establishing a 360 degree feedback session or through a SWOT analysis. Think about how  you can work on these. Put forth these to the employees and ask them to give feedback.

  1. Develop norms

Norms are just subtle rules. Norms help regulate behavior in a team setting . If you want to bring about a change in groups performance ,you have to bring about a change in norms. Rules must be in line with your values. If only they are in line with your teams beliefs ,only then will they support and work towards it.

  1. Deal with stress effectively

Stress leads to burnout and has a negative impact on overall health. Developing effective ways to manage stress is important. Under deadlines ,is when stress is maximum. Therefore ,it is important to follow a schedule , take breaks and focus only on one task at a time. Empathy is the key to handling stress caused by conflicts . If you understand others ,only then will you be able to others. It’s time you put yourself in others shoes.

  1. Team members should voice their opinions

It is important that team members put forth their ideas and opinions . Active listening and giving channels for members to vent frustration helps employees to share their ideas. This could be done ,also ,by other creative exercises at the workplace.





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