Soft skills are very important for the development of the workforce. They are more looked upon than hard skills. Hard skills are easy to imbibe ,so is not the case with soft skills. These skills are very important in an organisation setting. They help the individuals function in an organisation setting . They help the individuals function effectively and engage with the culture of the organisation. Soft skills being , business etiquettes , emotional intelligence , through various team building techniques help empower employees to bring the best in them. One of the most important skills to impart is ,time management and the need to master it is crucial.

Time management is the skill of organizing , planning and exercise control over tasks in an allotted time ,to increase efficiency and productivity. Here are a few tips to manage your time effectively:-

  1. Set your goals

Make sure you do tasks that serve your purpose. It is important to know what your final aim is . Your plan should be to work on tasks that are fruitful . Your goals should be defined , specific and clear. You need to understand what goals are important to you and how you are going to work on it. If not that plan , choose an alternative plan of action. Write out exactly what you want and select a time and date by when you should be completion the same. Set goal that are possible to work on . Unrealistic goals ,will not help you achieve why you need. The best way to set your goals is to use the SMART goal setting technique. Your goals should be Selective , measurable, achievable , relevant and time based.

  1. Learn to prioritize

Do not procrastinate. Learn to prioritize and work on those tasks that are important. Prioritizing helps allow to identify tasks that need most of your time , energy and effort. Do not multitask and only focus on important tasks . Avoid or eliminate items that do not need to be worked upon. Pull together whatever it is that you have to accomplish ,and attend to only those tasks that need your immediate concern. Also , assess the value and how much it will contribute to future success. Do not lose sight of your priorities when burdened by other priorities. Urgent issues may not always be important issues. Helps enhance performance and gain success. Most important of all , prioritizing will lead you to the most important step called planning.

  1. Effective planning

There will be times when one task cannot be accomplished without completing the others. That’s when planning becomes important. A well made plan with save a lot of time. A plan will include a day to day schedule of how to go about with your tasks. You can write down your daily activities. Put similar tasks together, allocate time , develop a checklist , provide yourself with enough feedback at the end of the day. Just making the schedule is not enough. You have to make sure to follow it.Provide some kind of reinforcement for every task you perform and punishment for when you don’t. Planning will keep you on track to achieve your objectives and goals. Planning can help you out with your productivity.


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