Social media constitutes an important part of our life. Most of our time, is spent on the internet more than anything. Life without social media, will be a nightmare. We are just so dependent on social media that we cannot survive without it. Social media interferes to a great extent in our everyday life. Here are a few ways in which this is possible:-

  1. Connectivity

Though social media keeps you connected in a good way and you catch up with people you have not met in long, it also gets you addicted. There is constant connectivity and you just cannot get off your phone or the internet. There is a constant pressure to respond and check other responses via social media.

  1. Body image

There is a need for approval. You keep on the check on the way you look, your body physique and other aspects of your personality. Not just your approval but you also seek the approval of others and that matters most. The demand to meet perfection with regards to your pictures and posts, becomes a necessity.

  1. Privacy

There is no source of privacy. Once you post something on social media it goes viral. Everyone always knows what you are doing, you personal life too. This puts in a pressure to constantly interact with others, and keep people informed even though that is not really your job.

  1. Variety of networks

Social media comes with diverse networks offering it’s services. WhatsApp keeps you updated with regards to messages, Instagram and Facebook keeps a track of all your events and Twitter, keeps you updated about recent events and news.

  1. All time entertainment

Social media can never get you bored. There is always something to keep you entertained. And that is why both children and adults are addicted to social media sites. There is no way you can get off these. You can watch stories, read news and articles and play games as well.

  1. Communication

Even introverts find their way to get active on social media. That is one medium of communication for people belonging to all backgrounds and age. People can freely express on social media whether it is grief or happiness.






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