If there is anything that has changed it is our lifestyle. But no one will realize that unless brought to notice. You must take a break and compare the world then and now. Also, you have to cherish the little things you have now, because back then you would long for what is so easily available now. Going from nothing to a 6 digit annual income is progress, bit has proved detrimental. What would you call simpler living in that case:-

  1. Work

Since this is the age of millennial we begin with work. Firstly then, you usually had one working member in the family, that to engaging in some subsidiary occupation. Today you have two people working in a family and it is still not normal. People then worked in fields in poor conditions, but today you have well condition offices and an ambiance perfectly suitable for work.

  1. Traveling

Traveling then, was the biggest issue. People travelled miles only walking. Even if there was backup, it would be a Bullock cart that did no good. People would walk  for food, water, schools or even their jobs. But what you do notice today. Public and private transport may been a boon, but pollution has taken a toll on our health.

  1. Technology

This has been a field we have highly progressed in. Technology has been a great gift. However, back then without technology life was simpler and people were at peace. There was more personal interaction, less cheating, personal lives less transparent as well as better physical and mental health. If we did not have technology today, would we survive? Yes, we would because technology is only a want not a need.

  1. Materialism

The economy wants to do better. Goods are sold at high prices and top brands are on demand. We are materialistic people. We buy and hoard. Do we actually need to buy everything? The greed for money, clothes and other material things is on the rise and you cannot get enough of this. It’s gets worse before you know it. And that is why we notice the hike in prices comparing to old times.

  1. Attitude

This is something that has changed the most and you will easily notice. People have gone from being caring to selfish. All people are concerned about note, is themselves. Then, there existed a sense of fellowship. But today, competition, jealousy and greed is how people have evolved.

Not for good, but worse.


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