If you are wondering where you have spent all your money, you are probably wearing it. Shopping is like an addiction. And if you are interested in fashion you will probably turn into what is called a shopaholic. It is not at all bad to turn into a shopaholic, but it isn’t good either. There is a lot you can get out of this addiction. Here are signs as to how you will know you are turning into a shopaholic:

  1. Become an impulsive buyer

Imagine entering a fashion store. You spot a dress and without giving it a thought go for it. This is when you have become an impulsive buyer. You are so carried away by the spur of the moment and all the emotions that you end up making a purchase without considering the price or any other thing related to the product.

  1. The want is more than the need

In this case, you have all the clothes and accessories you need, but you do not seem to be satisfied. You can do anything to buy that product. Even though finances do not permit. The want keeps getting bigger, till finally you buy it. That’s when you seem totally satisfied.

  1. Material things make you happy

You no longer need people to get over tough times. When you are down, you prefer visiting a mall or going shopping. And you consider this the best way to get over sadness. You are becoming more and more materialistic. All you talk about is clothes and fashion related products.

  1. Prepare excuses

The moment you have your excuses in hand, you have got to realize that you are turning into a shopaholic. You cannot bear to hear people talking about how much you shop and how not good it is. You defend shopping instead. Talk about the positives. And also make statements like, “It helps me workout”, “Too many parties, no clothes”, and the list goes on.

  1. Shopping on your mind

All shopaholics do, is think about shopping. They want to stop it but they cannot. It plays with your mind all the time. So you end up buying and then hide your purchases. Because of course, not everyone approved of so much shopping.

  1. Move away from your goals

You are so much into shopping that you now ignore your goals. You find it not so important to focus on your future. Shopping gives you temporary relief, but somehow you are so satisfied. Even though you may have other priorities on your list, you can only spot shopping.

  1. You have a collection of cards/vouchers

On every purchase you probably get a gift card or vouchers. Shopaholics shop so much that they have a collection of these. You will find bill receipts, brochures, vouchers, gift cards in their bags, wallets, shopping bags and all over their desk at work or home.





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