The life of a model isn’t as glamorous as you think. Every career goes through ups and downs. In a career like modeling, it’s more of the downs than the ups. There is a lot that models go through moreover it is with regards to what society thinks about them. The views public hold over a career related to modeling is shameful. It is considered as a degraded job and models are often looked down upon. Here are a few ways how regular models are stereotyped not just by the uneducated, but the literate as well:-

Regular Models
  1. Regular models are often body shamed. This takes place with regards to color and shape. You are looked down upon if you are a colored model or are slightly overweight.This also occurs to other parts of the body. It could be you hair, nose, lips, etc. Nothing in your natural element is accepted. You are asked to work on it via a surgery or other artificial means. The disabled rarely even stand a chance.
  2. Also, models are rarely treated with respected. Modeling is not even considered as a career at times. People do not encourage it as a profession.
  3. It is often said that models have to sleep around with agents and their seniors in order to get a job. It is very important to realize that modeling, as a career comes through tremendous hardship and effort.
  4. Modeling requires you to be quite accepting about change. It brings about a change in your entire personality. Not just that, at times it is time where you give your entire wardrobe a change.


It is important to note that this may not always be the case. Some modeling agents are quite accepting. It is essential you take up a job of only it suits you and you are comfortable. Or else, adapting to change could be a problem.

We have noticed that this is not the case only with regular models. You can imagine the intensity of shame and criticism, bikini models face. Though women today are breaking  and walking on the bold path, at times it is difficult to overhear a few narrow minded in our society. Here are a few things to look into :-

Bikini Models
  1. Ageing has absolutely nothing to do with becoming a bikini model. The invention of bikinis for all body shapes is a proof. It’s time you get comfortable with you own bodies.
  2. Wearing a bikini is not exposing nudity. Just like you’d wear a blazer to any formal event or a saree to a traditional event, so also you were a bikini to a beach. It is the most lately invented two piece clothing , for your perfect vacation
  3. Encouraging bikini modeling as a profession, is only a way of encouraging diversity and increasing your beauty standards. Life is too short to not get our of your comfort zones.


Modeling, be it regular, bikini or boudoir are professions that make you comfortable with yourself, extend your boundaries and explore the real you. All you need to do is get out there and challenge yourself. If you do great things, be prepared for people to talk. But it is important you start doing things for yourself, than for others. Your happiness matters most.


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