If there is anything that is crowding the fashion industry today, is the rise of plus size models. Being overweight in the modeling industry was once considered as a taboo. But today, with encouraging diversity, plus size models are here to showcase their talents and skills. It is great to notice such a trend in the 21st century. Let’s us consider how this happened and the change that followed:-

  1. Flaunting curves

Some women are not born with obese genes. They man gain weight due to pregnancy or other reasons. And such women hold great interest in the field of modeling. Well, if you’ve got the curves we believe you flaunt them. Whatever the body type or shape, we have clothes that will suit your needs.

  1. Thick is not fat

If you are overweight and people call you fat, show them what you’ve got. Today, the fashion industry represents models that are overweight on the covers of fashion magazines. You will be represented too, if you have passion. All you have to do is step out and not worry about what people will have to say.

  1. Diversity

The modeling industry has been doing great with regards to embracing diversity. Though the models with various body shapes, color, race, are being encouraged. Just a way of getting new talent into the field. Irrespective of these variables, talent is hidden in every woman whatever may be the case.

  1. A way to fight back

Plus size models in the fashion industry is just a way of fighting back. Body shaming is common today. Getting into the industry as a plus size model is an excellent way of keeping their mouths shut. Prove them all wrong, show them what you have got.

  1. Self acceptance

Women have always been conservative with regards to their body. The need to express is somehow suppressed. With the entry of plus size models in the fashion industry, we have noticed a drastic change in the attitude of women. The need for woman to accept themselves the way they are is a must. If you accept yourself, nothing will or can drag you down.

  1. Marketing

Brands are representing plus size models so that people look up to them and buy their products. Athleisure, sports, fashion brands use plus size models in a way to promote diversity as well as acceptance.

  1. Social media always plays a good role

Social media has played a great role with regards to empowering woman. Also the use of hashtags, accounts of popular plus size models has brought about a change. This has been inspiring to lay people who in turn spire to be role models to the rest.





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