There is nothing like in Mumbai. However, sometimes your body demands you to get rid of routine. To take some time off, this confusion and relax, rejuvenate your mind. For a change in weather you must make a trip to one of these places. These are close to travel to and you require just a weekend to spend some time. Perfect for a holiday solo or as a couple, these places have a lifetime experience to offer. Here is a list of suggestions to places you must visit in Maharashtra:-

  1. Lonavala-Khandala

These twin cities in Maharashtra are perfect for a weekend getaway. The weather is pleasant with a view to the hills. October to May is the best time to visit. A lot of activities including camping, trekking to engage in and you also get to visit forts and caves.

  1. Alibaug

A place that has some sort of history attached to it, Alibaug, is a beach destination. It is full of tress, green and secluded. Advisable to take a ferry to Alibaug, because the travel is fun. Alot of outdoor activities, including water sports to engage in.

  1. Bhandardara

One of the best places for a getaway, it is green and full of its beautiful sceneries. A lot of temples fall to visit. Try to camp around the Bhandardara Lake, if given a chance. The place is so peaceful, will surely get you some rest. Around the monsoon, you will also enjoy the sight of fireflies.

  1. Nashik

Sula wines, is the first thing that will hit your mind when you think of Nashik. The wine capital, it is perfect for a getaway. Some people flock there for religious visits. The place includes a lot of temples and churches.

  1. Igatpuri

Igatpuri is a romantic place for a getaway. Also perfect, for those who love trekking? Alot of valleys and peaks to visit, it is also known for the practice of meditation.

  1. Silvassa

The place has a history, with a touch of the Portuguese. The best places for Mumbaikars to visit; there are still residents there who speak Portuguese. A lot of sport activities to engage in, fishing of course and sight seeing to do.

  1. Pawana lake

Just like Bhandardara, it is best to camp under tents by the lake and experience starry nights. Perfect for a group activity including barbecue, sing songs and treks. Must visit Lohagad fort, without fail.

  1. Kolad

You go to greenery and waterfalls, a small village in Raigad district. A place with a beautiful landscape, it is meant for enthusiasts. You can go with friends or with your lover and stay back at farmhouses, resorts and hotels, serves as a good destination, away from home.


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