Obesity, today is spreading like a disease. Nearly 1 in 8 adults are obese. Not just adults, this is the case with children too. There have been a variety of reasons in the past. However, today these reasons are more prominent and diverse. We have got to blame our standard of living. Life is become just too easy and convenient compared to the past. And this is how we come up with the following reasons of getting obese:-

  1. It’s all genetic

Fat people come from fat families. If you come from a family that is obese, you are most likely to become obese. Sometimes it all comes in the genes, or at times it is due to picking healthy eating behaviors from your parents. This may not hold true in every case though.

  1. Junkies

Another reason could be your diet. If you include too much junk, you will get fat. Well, it’s time to blame the huge availability of street food. Street food and junk usually comprises of fatty foods. Modern day food is high caloric food that is probably so attractive and will get you to weigh more than normal.

  1. A couch potato

Technology had really got everything done at the snap of a finger. So no one really finds the need to walk up to a store to buy groceries, or cook some food. All you do is watch the television, surf the net, while you simultaneously chew on some food. No kind of physical activity whatsoever. And hence, just eating and no exercise will ultimately turn you into a couch potato.

  1. Medication

At times, medication is the cause for obesity. Some people tend to take treatment that will lead them to gain weight. Or it may just be side effects of certain kind of a treatment. Medication for certain mental illness include medication that increase appetite that causes you to eat more and ultimately gain too much weight.

  1. Availability and cheap

The range of junk fat food is on the rise. Moreover, there is such a wide variety of it all. Not just that, food is cheap and easily available. All you have to do is go to the nearest store and buy the most cheap food available.

  1. Change in lifestyle

Taking up a new job or career, moving to a new place, or getting married and having a baby can get you overweight. This works differently for different people. Some people on the other hand lose weight. Depends on how your body adapts to change.

  1. Don’t stress, just sleep

Your emotional issues will affect your health. So don’t stress, be happy. Sleep as much as possible. Not getting adequate sleep causes weight gain. Go out, travel and economic. Don’t just stick to routine.







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