Growing your nails is a crazy obsession. However, it is just something women love doing. For that you must learn to take care of your nails, file them, paint them and eat foods that are healthy for their growth. Today, dealing with nails is an art. There are a variety of studios that specialize in this field. If you are too busy to visit them, here are a few easy nail art ideas that you could work out at home as well. Get the best shape and be ready to get your nails coloured in these styles:-

  1. A combination of brown and beige

Try painting all nails brown, while just one nail brown. These colours have been trending for long. Moreover, it goes with your makeup.

  1. Just a dot

Well this may seem bizarre. Bit if you actually try it, just on dot at the tip of your nails, and will give it a classy look as well as chic.

  1. Spring manicure

After you file your nails well, the term says it all. It involves getting flowers and branches painted on your nails. A very detailed kind of a nail art idea.

  1. Try matte

Lately, this has been the easiest and most trending. Get your nails filed in a pointed shape. Choose a dark color of matte nail polish. A monochrome matte nail polish looks rich. Match it with gold rings.

  1. Graffiti look

A little scribbling with nail polish did no one any harm. If you think it might look messy, you are surely wrong. Try using a golden shade to scribble over a plain colour.

  1. Polka dots

Does not have to necessarily be black and white. Get some light dots, over a plain black dark background. You can use bobby pins to help you with the dots. You could just make random dots all over your nail or a neat line at the tip of each.

  1. Pinstripe nails

You must have a steady hand and neatness counts. When you apply the base let it dry. On doing that, use stripes or a thin paint brush to work with the stripes.

  1. Color splash

Mostly try using a white matte nail polish as base. Then, splash some colours around that for an artsy look. The more colorful, the better.

  1. Plastic dab

Apply a golden base to your nails. Once it dries paint over it with another colour. While it is wet, dab with a plastic wrap over it. You can do this using a sponge too.

  1. Fancy prints

Over a plain base, you can get some cool prints painted. This can range to anything that you like or fascinates you.




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