After a tiring day at work,  all you need is some motivation to get through the day. A word of appreciation from your boss or colleagues, will work wonders. Give yourself some kind of reinforcement for any kind of activity you undertake. And if you want to be motivational towards others, here are a few motivational quotes you must follow:-

  1. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade
  2. Make a change today, for a better tomorrow
  3. Believe in yourself
  4. Failure is the stepping stone to success
  5. If you fall once, rise up twice
  6. Do not judge, because if a caterpillar was judged on its ability to fly it’d never grow wings
  7. Do not judge a book by its cover
  8. Life has a lot of offer, if only you want to benefit
  9. You are confined it by the walls you build around yourself
  10. Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen
  11. Don’t give up, even if the skies get rough
  12. After every tough day, awaits a better tomorrow
  13. Don’t stop dancing, if the music is still playing
  14. Music is the best way to lift your spirits
  15. Remember champ! You can do this
  16. You’ve got this
  17. Whenever you feel like letting go, search for one good reason to hold on
  18. Slow and steady wins the race
  19. Get your head on the clouds and don’t come up
  20. An opportunity comes once in a lifetime, take it
  21. I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar
  22. I don’t care if nobody else believes, cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me
  23. I’ve got a life to live, I’ve got love to give
  24. You kill me, I’ll get stronger
  25. Stand up for your right, stand up and fight
  26. Life is too short, to not risk it
  27. I ain’t gonna live forever, do what you have to, today
  28. It’s now or never
  29. Every little thing is gonna be alright
  30. In a world of survivors, be a fighter
  31. Make the world a better place
  32. Build bridges, not walls
  33. Nobody said it was easy
  34. You will never win in the comfort zone
  35. Why life puts you in a tough situation, don’t say “Why me” say “Try me”
  36. Today is the day
  37. The pain you feel today, is the strength you feel tomorrow
  38. You’re as small as you make the world see you
  39. Feed your mind with success
  40. Don’t take it to heart
  41. Live every day as a challenge
  42. Create your own sunshine
  43. Fall seven times, stand up eight
  44. Don’t wait for an opportunity, create it
  45. Set your focus, and move ahead
  46. The body achieves what the mind believes
  47. Positive mind, positive vibes
  48. The smarter you get, the less you speak
  49. Don’t look back
  50. Take up your crosses and move on
  51. All do some. Some do it all
  52. They listen more when you speak less
  53. Work until your idols become rivals
  54. If they don’t value you, they lose you
  55. Extend you boundaries, get out of your comfort zone
  56. Don’t quit
  57. Create a new life for yourself
  58. Don’t let destiny decide ,you create your own destiny
  59. Defeat is temporary, success is permanent
  60. You are not a loser, until you quit trying
  61. You know you’re on the right track when you become uninterested in looking back
  62. I am addicted to success
  63. I don’t fail, I just learn too often
  64. Focus on yourself, worry less about everything else
  65. 3 months from now you will be in a completely different space
  66. Focus on attracting better
  67. Don’t let your goals care about your problems
  68. Your life is short, don’t waste it
  69. Don’t let your thoughts get the better of you
  70. Don’t let your exposure, stop you from shining
  71. Stress like pee, don’t hold on too long
  72. Achieve the impossible
  73. The past cannot be changed, the future is in your hands
  74. Forget your worries and your strife
  75. Don’t cause a change, be the change
  76. Don’t let a blind man’s words affect your vision
  77. Your life is yours, play on your own terms
  78. People only notice your wrongs, not your good deeds
  79. It’s okay to lose, even the trees shed it’s leaves for better ones
  80. Don’t grow yourself in pride, because tall trees rattle the most


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