Your modeling portfolio will help you determine whether you are good enough to be signed up for an agency or hired by clients. With a career you have to ensure that you work well on your portfolios. When you make a decision and set your goal , make sure you know of what type of a model you want to be. Your portfolio is a perfect kick-start to your career. Now the real question is “Do you need a professional portfolio?” The answer is ,you really need not. The agent has the eye to pick the model they see true potential in. If you are meeting the agency personally, don’t think too much about it. Also, if you do it via mail or letters, keep it concise and brief. Here are a few tips that will help you maintain your portfolio.

  1. Focus on the type of model you want to be

First and foremost, getting into the career requires a careful amount of planning and research. Focusing on what type of a model you aspire to be,  will help bring clarity to the type of portfolio you wish to create. Note that, the field comes with stereotypes and you have to be aware of these in order to avoid setbacks and rejection.

  1. Right type of snapshots

To be scouted on first impression it is important you give agencies what they want to see. Agencies would like to see how expressive you are and what story  you convey via the photo. A beauty shot face , that is from head to shoulders, will help agents notice your facial features. A full length body shot helps agents notice your attire and proportion of body type. Smiling shots are not a necessity. But may be good for agents to look for the perfect teeth. The background color must be white while taking these pictures.

  1. Choose the right photographer

The first thing you will do to create a portfolio of your best pictures is to hire a photographer or sign up for a modeling agency. To create a portfolio ,you need not contact a modeling agency immediately. You can start with researching for a professional photographer . Keep it simple and less professional. If you are thinking of asking a friend, it’s time you rethink your decision. Researching well will only help you choose the right photographer and match their expertise with your style.

  1. Choose the best pictures and get the photo-shoot done right

After your photo-shoot is done you now have to choose a collection of pictures . These are the ones that will be right to fit in your portfolio. Focus on quality and choose multiple images displaying a variety of poses and good quality. Keep around 10 -20 images and make sure these cover all facets. Even though you may receive some guidance from the photographer, in the end it all comes down to your selection. Your location whether indoor or outdoor should be well equipped . Stay prepared well in advance and do not rush through things last minute.



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