To become a successful model, you need to be prepared and stay updated. When you know what you want and that kind of model you  aspire to be, it’s time you begin your research . A careless, unmotivated and unprofessional attitude will take you nowhere. Do your homework . Just like preparing for an exam is studying from textbooks in the modeling industry, so is immersing yourself in fashion magazines and learning from the most famous ones. Treat magazines as your guide , as well as  study models , observe their expressions, note their pose. Interesting to read, they use real, professional models . Here are a few top best and reputed magazines you must read :-

  1. L’officiel

L’officiel is the bible for people having a good taste in fashion. It is quite reputed all over the world, ever since 1921 and published in France. It covers a range of topics with regards bro beauty, art , architecture, culture, design and travel. L’officiel celebrates women in all its elegance. It possesses international high end fashion and luxury lifestyle . Moreover the magazine is published in more than 20 countries all over the world.

  1. Vogue

The most influential fashion magazine that serves right for models in the making, is Vogue. It comes with its high fashion standards and with editions like Italian Vogue and British Vogue. Published in the United States in 1892 one of the most reputed ,it began first as s weekly newspaper. Covers various topics like beauty, fashion, culture,  reviews and updates. The best in celebrity style , with the latest fashion news in trends on and off the runaway. A perfect guide to models in the making.

  1. Femina

Other textbooks to study is the Femina. It has been the definitive life as well as lifestyle for women. Published in India in 1959, it is one of the oldest fashion magazines. Also it is a 50:50 venture between BBC Worldwide and the Times group. One of the oldest , it is based on women upliftment and sponsor of Miss India Paegent. Also, contains details on health, fashion advice , relationships ,etc.

  1. Elle

A French magazine by origin it is an iconic American lifestyle and celebrity news periodical. The magazine was published in India in 1996 . The title Elle itself means, ‘Her’ or ‘She’. Provides you the current fashion trends and based on the concept of women and lifestyle, beauty, fashion, etc. The magazine comes with runaway shows from the hottest and famous fashion designers and best dressed celebrities, red carpet style.

  1. Harper’s Bazaar

Originated in America ,it showcases top fashion trends and  celebrities . Elegant and provocative, be sure you do not forget to showcase the digital shows of interviews, behind the scene peeks , photoshoots , editorials and much more. Published in 1867 it targets the middle and upper middle class into topics of fashion, lifestyle, beauty and popular culture.



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