Have you ever got a clear cut definition to how karma works? Neither have I. They say what goes around comes around. It is like a cause and effect relationship. What you do today will affect your future. So if you do bad you have got to be ready to deal with the consequences. Our Indian society is really good with regards to stereotyping. And here are a few myths that is related to karma, that most people believe is a natural doctrine:-

  1. Karma is vengeance

This is definitely not true. Karma instead will help you build peaceful relationships amongst your fellow members and live in harmony.

  1. Karma is not what you hear

Most people today, the news, books, advertisements portray karma as something bad. However that is definitely not true. These are just expressions, which are up to you if you want to believe.

  1. Karma is a *”**

Most people believe this. Again, it is just a myth. Karma has no personal offence with any of you and so is striving to ruin your life. Understand that karma is destiny. It is just your fate.

  1. Karma is only related to deeds

Karma is not only related to your actions but your thoughts as well. If you think good and the best for people, good things will happen to you. Believe this and live each day doing good to others, not just being afraid of the negative cause and effect that you hear about.

  1. Karma is imposed upon us by God

Karma is not something god sends upon us. It is your free will to exercise your control over your own life. You are your own driver. And you know what is best for you. You make your own karma. So now, you know very well where you are heading to.

  1. Astrology does not determine karma

Stars, planets and signs do not determine karma. Nor does any sort of astrology will tell you what your deeds will determine. You yourself can determine your karma. You have got to work on it yourself.

  1. Bad things happen to good people

This is just a way of thinking. Good things also happen to good people. It is just that you have so much good happening to you that you cannot bear to deal with anything bad. And this is just a conclusion you end up coming with.


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