Selfless are become such an integral part of our lives. Whether at a formal or informal event, it is practiced. It convenient and easy. We notice a trend in selfies over social media, more than any other kind of pictures. Here are a few quotes, to go with every selfie you click:-

  1. My biggest problems, I’m keen to details!
  2. Pay attention to those who don’t clap when you win
  3. You only live once
  4. Be savage, not average
  5. Embrace it all
  6. Another pretty picture to make you jealous
  7. I’m sure you love my selfies so much, that you’re stalking me at the moment
  8. All I need is a savior, buy I’m not asking for favors
  9. Everyday discovering something brand new
  10. Shine bright like a diamond
  11. Ever ready
  12. Too cool for you
  13. When boredom hits, social media gets lit
  14. I may only have one match, but I can’t make an explosion
  15. Bring your won sunshine
  16. Everything you can imagine is real
  17. In my head, it sounds real
  18. Live for the life you love
  19. Be careful what you wish for
  20. It’s just me, myself and I
  21. I live for crazy shit
  22. Good vibes only
  23. You’re just as insane as I am
  24. Don’t mind me, just doing my thing
  25. Sweet dreams are made of these
  26. Who said we have to grow up?
  27. It’s all about the little things in life
  28. Beautiful things
  29. Look at the bright side
  30. Kid so nice you’ll stalk me twice
  31. You say you’re on a diet, but still chewing my brains
  32. Life is shit, but I am lit
  33. If you listen closely, you still won’t hear me care
  34. If I love you enough, I will care
  35. Life is soup, and I’m a fork
  36. It’s tough being sexy, when you’re not
  37. Selfie is hot, you’re not
  38. Born to stand out
  39. My time is now
  40. Haters will hate
  41. Find your wild
  42. Dream without limits
  43. Extend your boundaries
  44. Get out of your comfort zone
  45. Some things are better in dreams. I’ll be the dream
  46. Be the reason why someone else is happy
  47. Anyone who brings a smile on your face is an angel
  48. Catch a glimpse
  49. Hey, I’m good. Focus on the good
  50. Why not
  51. Baby, I was born this way
  52. I like it either way
  53. May your day be as good as taking this selfie on first try
  54. I’m having a good hair day
  55. I woke up like this
  56. Keep slaying
  57. Sunshine with a mixed hurricane
  58. Be their sunshine during dull days
  59. Selfie love isn’t selfish
  60. Guys like you run around with girls like me
  61. You should go and love yourself
  62. Fall in love with the person in the mirror, who has gone through so much
  63. Sassy, classy, bad assy
  64. A devil with an innocent face
  65. Crazy hair, don’t care
  66. Self love is the best love
  67. Happiness does not go out of style
  68. I’m a limited edition
  69. But first, let me take selfie
  70. Live like there’s no tomorrow


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