Photography is a skill. If you have an eye for detail, you should be a photographer. It is a fun profession, and has both it’s ups and down. Here are a few Instagram captions you could use as a photographer:-

  1. Focus your lens and attract better
  2. Know your camera well
  3. And god said, “Let there be light!”
  4. The camera loves me
  5. The camera is my best Friend
  6. Photography is a philosophy
  7. Don’t be negative
  8. Get sunkissed, ditch boys
  9. My life in a picture
  10. And we ‘Snap’ped
  11. Capture moments, not feelings
  12. Don’t buy words, buy pictures
  13. Fall in love with moments, not pictures
  14. The best moments appear once in a lifetime
  15. Photography is way too express yourself
  16. Speak through your shots
  17. Life is like a camera. Take what you love, leave what you don’t
  18. You don’t take a photograph, you make it
  19. Click the shutter, less with people
  20. Live every captured moment
  21. Photographs are meant to be treasured
  22. Bring back photographs, not souvenirs
  23. The camera sees more than your eye
  24. The camera will never fail you
  25. Connect with photography, it has so much to offer
  26. Hold a camera, do not fear
  27. Photography is the beauty of life captured
  28. The photography is like a disease, it spreads
  29. Photography is about feelings, not depth of field
  30. If you focus on what you love, you can be a photographer
  31. Photographs are a way to relive memories
  32. Feeling down? Practice picture therapy
  33. Every picture has as story to tell
  34. Every photographer has a story untold
  35. The story behind a photograph, is that of the photographer
  36. Keep you eyes like shutter, mind like lens
  37. Shoot people, for a living
  38. If you want to get paid for shooting, be a photographer
  39. Open your eyes to the beauty of nature
  40. If you own a camera, you will admire nature
  41. It’s about the photographer, not the picture
  42. It’s not the size of the lens, it’s how you use it
  43. The earth is art, we are just a witness
  44. A camera is a mirror without memory
  45. Take pictures, live memories
  46. Life is short, shoot often
  47. Know the next angle
  48. Photography first
  49. Smile please!
  50. Say cheese for the camera
  51. The journey of a photographer is never ending
  52. Photography is the art from which beauty arises
  53. Use a camera to capture the world’s masterpiece
  54. As a photographer, allow yourself to make mistakes
  55. A photograph is a return ticket to a memory
  56. Photography is a therapy
  57. The camera is my medicine
  58. Photography is a skill you can’t purchase
  59. Camera is a saves button for a minds eye
  60. I’d rather stand behind the camera than in front of it
  61. I look. I stop. J capture
  62. Click the pause button on life
  63. Life is like a camera, you focus on what’s important
  64. Photography is about being keen to details
  65. Today’s moments are tomorrow’s memories
  66. Crop. Repeat
  67. Life is like a camera, if think it doesn’t workout take another shot
  68. Atleast the camera gives you another shot, if life doesn’t
  69. When life gets blurry, focus
  70. When you’re distracted in life, focus
  71. Vidi. Cepi
  72. Photography is an art of observing and creating
  73. Capture emotions, not photographs
  74. Don’t cage your thoughts, capture them through pictures
  75. I don’t follow photography, it follows me
  76. Photography puts my story into words
  77. Photographers are picture taking gypsies
  78. I may not see you again, but surely will see my camera daily
  79. Take a look, step back and capture
  80. Photography is a passion, live it


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