Are you a music lover? Well if you are here are a few captions for your posts related to music or not related:-

  1. Music makes me happy
  2. Music in my head
  3. I’m always humming
  4. Music is a way to avoid reality
  5. Rewind. Repeat
  6. Play the moments
  7. Rewind the present
  8. Repeat the past
  9. It’s all in my head
  10. Sera. Sera
  11. Music is fairy tales
  12. Believe in music
  13. There’s a thrill in relating to lyrics
  14. Do you ever relate to depressed lyrics when you’re sad?
  15. I owe this one to you
  16. Good music. Good vibes
  17. Take me to a concert
  18. Music helps me forget my worries for a little bit
  19. Thank you for the music
  20. We are here for the music
  21. Music is magic
  22. Music means so much to me
  23. It’s all about the music
  24. Music is the best medicine
  25. Music is the therapy to your heart and soul
  26. Spend time alone with music
  27. Music is what my heartbeat sounds like
  28. We will rock you
  29. Music has life and that’s why they have beats
  30. Music is my secret escape
  31. Rock and roll
  32. We make a pair, like ebony and ivory
  33. Music can connect souls
  34. The best thing about music is when it hits you, you feel no pain
  35. I’m amused by the music
  36. Turn up the bass
  37. Love and all jazz
  38. Musicians never retire
  39. You will never get bored of the music
  40. Music that never runs out of style
  41. Music is like a dream, you don’t hear
  42. Let the keys makes music
  43. Music is morning coffee
  44. I wish studying was as easy as picking up lyrics
  45. Turn up the volume
  46. Music is a kind of philosophy
  47. Have a relationship with music
  48. The best thing you can overdose on, is music
  49. Beautiful melodies tell you terrible things
  50. Life is hard, you need music
  51. My brain is 80 percent lyrics
  52. Baby ko bass pasandhai
  53. Food, shelter, clothing and music
  54. Music is food for the soul
  55. Get high on music
  56. Music is the life of the party
  57. Country roads, take me home
  58. Mamma Mia, here we go again
  59. You can dance, you can sing, having the time of your life
  60. Music brings out the goddess in me
  61. Long showers, loud music
  62. Rooting for bathroom singers
  63. Behind every favorite song, there is an untold story
  64. Music is a world I want to travel
  65. Long drive, friends, music
  66. Music is the best feeling
  67. If we ever stop talking, send me a song
  68. Music takes us back in time
  69. I long country music
  70. I like my music loud, so I can’t hear my thoughts
  71. Let your heart sing
  72. Take the musical route
  73. The best way to win me over is a song
  74. Sing to me
  75. Sing me to sleep tonight
  76. See life in terms of music
  77. Music helps you when no one does
  78. Choose music , over them
  79. Stay musically motivated


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