Food is life. Food makes everyone happy. For those dieting, having cheat days serves as a kind of reinforcement. Here are a few Instagram quotes for foodies, or pictures including food:-

  1. You are what you eat
  2. Eat what you love, love what you eat
  3. Br a foodie
  4. We share one thing in common, food!
  5. I don’t share my food
  6. Sunday and brunch go hand in hand
  7. Get in my belly
  8. Yummy in my tummy
  9. Do you like cheese? Because you’re ‘grate’
  10. A way to a man’s heart us through his stomach
  11. Give your body the nutrients it demands
  12. Just a bowl of flavor and teaspoon of craftsmanship
  13. It tastes as good as it looks
  14. You make miso happy
  15. Eat like a king
  16. Food will never break your heart
  17. I’ve got problems, but food solves them all
  18. Eat what makes you happy
  19. Let your love be as thick as you spread Nutella
  20. Not a glutton, a explorer of food
  21. The only thing I like more than food, is eating
  22. All of me, loves all of food
  23. Food in the freezer, makes me happy forever
  24. The joy of good food is price less
  25. Food is life
  26. Food is one thing that binds people together
  27. Carbs are bad
  28. Food should be fun
  29. Everything you see in me, I owe to food
  30. I don’t like food, I love it
  31. Don’t eat less, just eat right
  32. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy food
  33. Follow your dreams, Eat food
  34. The best thing in life is Desserts
  35. Count memories, not calories
  36. The best things in life are sweet and savoury
  37. You can’t live a full life on an empty stomach
  38. Eat like a best
  39. Eat . Sleep. Exercise. Repeat
  40. Live for food
  41. I donut care
  42. Nothing, but chicken
  43. In a relationship, I don’t eat flowers, get me food
  44. Get me food and I’ll keep you happy
  45. I like hashtags, because it looks like waffles
  46. If you lick your fingers today, you get better food tomorrow
  47. I keep losing weight, but it somehow finds me back
  48. Good food is good mood
  49. Let’s take a moment and appreciate food
  50. My mind says gym, but heart says food
  51. This is how I roll
  52. Bravavocado!
  53. Have an egg cellent day
  54. Totally driving me nuts
  55. Beautiful and corny
  56. Lettuce never be parted
  57. We are so ‘mint ‘ to be
  58. You are the apple of my eye
  59. Please be the sauce to my fries
  60. Let’s date!
  61. Cupcakes are muffins that believed in miracles
  62. Dessert first
  63. Don’t mess with those who eat their desserts before mains
  64. Stop hating, start baking
  65. Love food, because food is life
  66. Worries are less with wine
  67. Skip feelings, not food
  68. Life in uncertain. Eat dessert first
  69. The best type of people are those who don’t waste food
  70. Be scared of those who don’t sacrifice the last piece of cake
  71. If you combine wine and dinner, you are a winner
  72. Heart is where food is
  73. Food is an experience
  74. I don’t just eat, I relish
  75. Food is fuel to the body
  76. I like you, if you like food
  77. Let food be thy therapy
  78. Food is an important part of life
  79. If you’re sad, order a pizza, it’s that simple
  80. If food were free, would you work?


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