Here are a few captions for all your smiling pictures on Instagram. A smile can work wonders, here you go:-

  1. Smile, an everlasting smile
  2. A smile can bring you near to me
  3. Sunshine in my smile
  4. A smile is contagious
  5. A smile is sunshine on a rainy day
  6. Thinking about you makes me smile
  7. A smile is a curve that makes everything dressed
  8. You’re never fully dressed without a smile
  9. A smile brings peace
  10. Smile more than you cry
  11. You have a million reasons to smile than to cry
  12. Sm¡le
  13. May your smile be as wide as your heart
  14. A smile brings sparkle to your eyes
  15. Be happy, smile often
  16. Worry less, smile more
  17. Don’t forget to smile
  18. Life is too short, smile
  19. There are a million reasons to smile
  20. The world is in need of a smile
  21. Smile as wide as the rainbow
  22. You make me smile
  23. Sourire
  24. Change the world with a smile
  25. Smile so often that people are tired of upsetting you
  26. Smile, cause it’s better than explaining what’s wrong
  27. Don’t forget to smile
  28. It’s easier to smile, than frown
  29. Wear a smile more often
  30. A smile is the best accessory accessory you can wear
  31. Smile is in fashion
  32. Smile, it will make you feel better
  33. A smile works wonders
  34. Smile for a picture
  35. Smile, you’re beautiful
  36. Keep your chin up and smile often
  37. Smile while you still have teeth
  38. A smile is attractive
  39. A smile will get all eyes on you
  40. Capture a smile
  41. Stay strong and smile
  42. The smile is our inner joy
  43. Smile without a reason
  44. Like a smile makes your day, it will make theirs
  45. Happiness multiplies when you smile
  46. It’s okay if I don’t have a perfect like, a perfect smile is better
  47. Smile please!
  48. A smile is as sweet as honey
  49. Smile it’ll make them feel good
  50. Smile and feel better about yourself
  51. So many smile begin with you
  52. A smile does not hurt
  53. A smile will lighten up your day
  54. Nothing more precious than a smile
  55. A smile is a beautiful face
  56. A smile holds a value worth a million
  57. Smile, the mirror loves it
  58. You smile, I smile
  59. A smile is your first impression
  60. Smile to win hearts
  61. Wink and smile
  62. A smile resembles good times
  63. And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while
  64. Your smile means a thousand words
  65. Million dollar smile
  66. A smile costs nothing, but gives alot
  67. Miles of smiles
  68. A smile is a language even a baby will understand
  69. Smile and mean it
  70. A smile warms the heart and the soul
  71. Smile is the shortest distance between two people
  72. You will be amazed how a smile can cure illness
  73. It takes 17 muscles to smile, and 42 to frown
  74. Smiles are souls kisses
  75. A smile is music to the deaf
  76. Start a day with a smile and get it over with
  77. Your smile can make a heart bounce
  78. Let the tooth be told
  79. Smile can light up the most dark rooms
  80. Keep smiling all day, everyday


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