If you like pun captions, we’ve got a few for you. Here you go:-

  1. We are so meant to be
  2. Spent olive my time searching for a caption
  3. Olive you
  4. Calvin called, but I de’kleined’
  5. Not a bra, but bill support you
  6. Got you thinking its autumn, the ay you falling for me
  7. Throw in shade, cause it’s always sunny
  8. Ask tommy, Hilfiger out
  9. Trust your selfie
  10. You should be at the playground, you play too much
  11. Do you like cheese, cause you look grate
  12. Positivi tea
  13. They see me rollin, they hating
  14. Penne for your thoughts
  15. I’m soy into you
  16. Let’s taco about it
  17. You are my type
  18. Nuts about you
  19. Don’t give a frap
  20. You’ll always have a pizza my heart
  21. Lettuce never stop being friends
  22. What a cute tea
  23. I donut care
  24. Donut kill my vibe
  25. Donut love you
  26. You’re kinda pawsome
  27. You’re totally pawfect
  28. How cheeky
  29. You are purrfect
  30. Resting beach face
  31. Had a whale of a time
  32. Fish you were there
  33. I scream for ice cream
  34. Rooting for you
  35. I’ve bean thinking about you
  36. I like you a waffle lot
  37. Be shore about your decisions
  38. Feeling fintastic
  39. Oh hay!
  40. Hay there
  41. You can’t sip with us
  42. I don’t care too matcha
  43. Have a tea-riffic birthday, you old bag
  44. A pea birthday
  45. Girls jut wanna have some sun
  46. What does the sun drink out of? Sunglasses
  47. Waving at the ocean
  48. Shell yeah, it’s summer
  49. All I need is a little vitamin sea
  50. Waving at the beach while it waves back at me
  51. What is the best day to go to the beach, Sunday!
  52. I’m falling for you
  53. Be a part of my symphony
  54. Going to be a meteorologist, weather you like it or not
  55. Totally a ruler
  56. You are a weirdough
  57. Why is this book so difficult to out down? It called anti gravity
  58. Why you always so positive? Are you a proton
  59. Winter fat is gone. But now I have spring rolls
  60. Hay look! I make the perfect scarecrow on Halloween
  61. Play with the words, trying to be punny
  62. Gong on a lot of blind dates
  63. Raisin my quality of puns
  64. If you’ve list your Microsoftdocument, you will fund it. You have my word
  65. Tired of heatwave. Still want to be shore
  66. If you’re a player, I’m the coach
  67. I feel dicey about your decisions
  68. Talk to my hand
  69. Palm against the tree
  70. Can’t Sia thing
  71. Nailed my exam
  72. You are FantassSTICK
  73. You are FantASStic
  74. BeLEAF IN yourself
  75. I know it’s cheesy, but I feel GRATE
  76. Have an eggcellent day
  77. You are egg ceptional
  78. When in doubt, boo-ty it out
  79. Sole mates
  80. You’re so a’maize’ing


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