Humor is the best medicine. The more you laugh, the healthier you are. Also, it’s always good to caption your posts with some humorous quotes . Why not give someone a hearty laugh. Here are a few:-

  1. God created the world in 7days, well it took me months
  2. If you think I’m cute you Schulz see my mommy/daddy
  3. Are you a model? What’s your agency, instagram?
  4. If I was funny, id have a good caption
  5. I didn’t choose the thug life, it chose me
  6. Friday is my second favourite F word
  7. Enjoy at least one sunset per day
  8. You think I have a good name, well you should hear my phone number
  9. I do marathons. But not on Netflix
  10. Hate math, but love counting money
  11. I hate it when ting people get busy, it’s like you already don’t see them and then you don’t see them at all
  12. Life is short, smile while you still have teeth
  13. Not a dirty mind, but a sexy imagination
  14. Did I roll my eyes out loud?
  15. Looking left cause I’m always right
  16. Desperately need a 6 month holiday, twice
  17. I miss you like an idiot misses the point
  18. An apple a day keeps anyone away, if you learn to throw it hard enough
  19. Does any other prince need a wife
  20. Just dropped my new single it’s called “Me”. I’m sin
  21. It’s spooky season. Be my boo
  22. Humans are funny but mountains are hill areas
  23. Don’t say you’re on a diet, you are still eating my brains
  24. Watching all my savings go by
  25. Fallen in love with more dogs than guys
  26. If Monday had a face it would be yours
  27. Is the picture more grainy or the sand
  28. Things workout, I don’t
  29. Pour drinks more than feelings
  30. If you’re a player, I’mthe coach
  31. Coaches don’t play
  32. They call it selfie, because narcissistic is too hard to spell
  33. Why fall in love when you can fall asleep
  34. Currently holding it together with one bobby pin
  35. I look fine, but deep down inside my sock is sliding off my shoe
  36. Holding a constipated face.
  37. Flowers for a ‘phool’ like you
  38. Looking down at my grades fall
  39. Looking down at your dropping standards
  40. Find one good reason to laugh, because we know we have a million to cry
  41. Hold your life together, like you hold your fart
  42. Don’t hold your fart, it will travel up your brain that’s were shitty thoughts come from
  43. Reality called, so hung up
  44. How do I feel when I have no coffee? Depression
  45. Your vibe attracts your tribe
  46. At least this balloon is attracted to me
  47. I’m fuller than your stomach
  48. Got a mouth bigger than your attitude
  49. Got an ass bigger than your attitude
  50. Giving up on attendance this lent
  51. Totally driving me nuts
  52. Flaunt those mistakes you keep making
  53. Me spreading knowledge even when no one wants to listen
  54. Stop searching for happiness in the same place, you lost it
  55. A day without sunshine, is like you know, the night
  56. God bless you with gains
  57. Spent all of my time coming up with this not so funny caption
  58. Me trying to find where I asked for your opinions
  59. Me trying hard to not give a damn
  60. Wanna go back to being 14 and ruin my life differently, I have new ideas!


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