If traveling was free, you would never see me again! Who does not want to travel. But with such booming rates, it is not an everyday thing. If you are a frequent traveler, learn to travel smart. Here are a few ways you can travel on a budget:-

  1. Do not travel peak season

If you travel during peak season, you are going to have to pay a bomb on all traveling, food and accommodation. Try traveling during off seasons or book your tickets well in advance. Plan your trip. Know how you are going to get there, your place of stay and everything you need to know. That is when you can start planning.

  1. Get advise

If you are totally clueless about the place you are going to be traveling to, it is  better you get some advice. The best advice you can get is from online sites regarding accommodation. Read articles, blogs you will get a lot more information. The best advise you can get is from locales. They will tell you how to shop cheap, travel at reasonable rates and availability of hotels.

  1. Commute

Be smart and alert while traveling within the place. Use public transport, however do not bluffed. Since you are a tourist local drivers are ready to take you for a spin. If possible, cycle. Or the best option is to walk it out. Walking around will help you explore the place all the more.

  1. Accommodation

Compare hotel prices on various sites and choose your best deals. Try living in a hostel. If you stay in a hostel you can also work v and offer your talented services there. If you are going to a pleasant place and you are good to adjust, camp it out. Real fun is about living in a group.

  1. Collect memories, not souvenirs

Try not to get souvenirs back. You can save most of your money. You travel for yourself, to get some peace of mind. Collect memories instead. So you have something to look back at. Click alot of pictures. An excellent way to store memories.

  1. Go prepared

Carry ball your essentials. Especially your medicines. Avoid buying anything from the place you visit. Even though you carry everything, pack light or you may incur luggage fares. Keep luggage light so you can carry it around yourself and it is convenient.





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