To panic in times of crisis, is natural human tendency. When there is something that goes out of hand, your mind is flooded with too many emotions that you end up not knowing what to do. This may lead to stress and burnout. In order to be successful, the tactic is to learn how to work under pressure. Moreover not just pressure that has an effect on you, but also helping others remains calm and quiet. Here are a few ways in which you can try to remain calm during crisis:-

  1. Disconnect

When you know you are going through something and also know the trigger to the problem, it’s safe you disconnect. Getting too involved will only mess things up all the more. Give yourself a break from the situation for a few hours. Relax. Do not let emotions storm you.

  1. Get some exercise

It is advisable to rest your muscles for a brief moment. Take some deep breaths. Focus on your senses. Exercise is a solution to nearly all your problems. It serves as a positive distractor. Take a power nap. That will force you to stop thinking at all. If need be and is possible, take a walk or a stroll in a calm, quite environment.

  1. Remember it’s not just you

Always realize that you are not going through something alone. There are a thousand others who are probably going through worst. It may not even be about you sometimes. Do not just assume things. Or take it personally. Learn to analyze the situation.

  1. Call a close friend

This will help the most. Develop trusted relationships. Talk to friends. If possible try and avoid talking about the problem. Talk about other happy things and distract yourself. But if something bothers you too much, you can address the issue. Your friend may or may not have a solution to provide, but will always show empathy.

  1. Develop strategies

It’s time you plan and think of a solution to deal with the problem. Come up with a few and choose the one that will help the best. Share these strategies with friends and ask them for feedback. Search for a solution that you know you will work on.

  1. Limit caffeine and take care of your body

Caffeine will only elevate stress levels, destroying your immune system. Instead, switch to a glass of water or maybe something nourishing. . Eat well. Improving your health will help improve self control and you will have emotional benefits too.



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