Just like you plan a weekend for your loved one, you have got to plan something for yourself. Try and make it a point to go on a solo outing one weekend after an exhausting week. Your mind needs a break, just like your body. Don’t worry about the money or time, once you’re out at the place you desire to be, it’s worth it all. However, there are a few things you must keep in mind while you plan a getaway. Here is a list of those:-

  1. Choose a place that means something to you

Select a place that you are longing to visit. Do not choose a place in haste. Take your time. Write down a few places, pros and cons of visiting the place and then shortlist. Go for a place that speaks to you. That will actually serve your purpose. A place that is different from the one you reside at. If you follow your interests, you are going to enjoy wherever you are.

  1. Consider your accommodation and travel

This will help you plan your finances. Consider the most convenient and reasonable mode of transport. Decide where should will be staying. If you are going to a place that is likely for camping, it’s better you camp and do not stay in a hotel. In this way you will get most of the place.

  1. Keep away from technology

This best way to actually enjoy your getaway. Keep away from those activities that you do through the week. Try to give yourself some space off family and friends. Do not however, forget to keep some offline apps active. This will help you with regards to your trip and travel.

  1. Don’t carry too much luggage

Carry some snacks. You never know when you need them on your travel. Carry some juice and shakes, too. Do not carry too many luggage’s. There might be a need to bag packing. It will get really difficult to travel with luggage.

  1. Set your dates ,be free to extend

When you give your date off at work, give it with an extension with 3 days from returning. This will give you some leeway. You never know how much you might like the place and actually think of extending your stay.

  1. Try going solo or a plus one

Mostly try to limit it to two people including you. The more you take along, it is no more a getaway. When you go solo you learn so much about yourself and can pamper yourself to any extent. However, if you are not comfortable, take someone you can adjust easily with. Because only then, will you enjoy your visit.





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