Are you a perfectionist? Well, if you are and things don’t really go your way, you surely loose your temper. There is a lot you can do about it, even if you think you can’t. Life is about choices and it all depends on how you react TO a situation. If someone gets angry and lashes out at you, you must respond back staying calm. Anger could be caused due to genetic, biological and other psycho social causes. Here are a few steps on how to deal with anger and will greatly help you handle yourself in a public setting:-

  1. Take a time out

When you think something has triggered your anger, just take a break. Do not respond even if the situation forces you to do so. Its better you walk away at times, than say something rude. Reaction given days after the situation has occurred will be better than reacting on the spot. Giving yourself some free time will help you work on yourself. Stay quite and you will feel calm and relaxed.

  1. Think before you speak

Understand the situation and take a few moments to get your thoughts in place. In the heat of moment you might tend to say something awful. And you will regret later. So you might as well think before you say a thing. This will also let the opposite person stay calm. If you do not respond, he / she will also think about the situation and understand it well.

  1. Engage in leisure

Don’t let something affect you too much. If you overthink, it is ruined. You should probably get into some fun activities. Do what you like. Go on treks, play some games, cycle, go swimming. This will help you stay distracted. Exercise is the best way to stay healthy not just physically, but mentally too. Engage in some relaxation techniques and breathing exercises.

  1. Laughter is the best medicine

Sarcasm to some extent can be offensive, and of course humour can help release the tension. Learn to not things too seriously. Laugh it out and keep a smile on your face. Laugh-In over something lets you have control over it than the situation controlling you. Humour works as an effective defence mechanism.

  1. Choose your battles

Choose your battles wisely. Do not get into something if you think it is not yours to handle. Check to see if the argument you are having is actually worth it. If it is not worth fighting for let it goes. Don’t focus on an incident for too long. Dwelling over it will only make matters worse. If you want to be taken seriously, don’t fight over small things.Focus on the present than focusing on the past and what is yet to come.





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