Traveling is a key to every worry. After an entire week on routine ,it is mandatory to plan a getaway. This will help you refresh your mind and also prepare you for the following week. When you are on your trip ,make sure you make the most of it. In order to cherish these memories ,it is better you capture a few pictures or maintain a journal. Everytime you look at it ,it will help bring your memories back to life. Here are a few ways on how you can maintain a travel journal , before or after the trip;-

  1. Write about why you chose the place

Firstly ,as an introduction state why you decided to plan a getaway. Once you have done that , write why you chose that particular place. Was there a particular reason or was it recommended to you. It will also help you include your to do list and activities that you will undertake.

  1. Write about the place

Write about your best experience with regards to the place. As to the weather ,the place you loved visiting the most ,the best thing you picked up  and what is it that attracted you. Was it the hills ,the waters or the lush green vegetation.

  1. Write about the food

The cuisine is the best thing to experience when you visit a certain place , whether in India or elsewhere. Mention your favorite dish and why you loved it so much. Also , mention what you didn’t like and what you would love experimenting on once you get home.

  1. Write about the people

Mention your encounter with the locals. How did they treat you? Were they hospitable or ignorant? What about your experience with the tour guide. How did he help you make the best of your trip. Write about a few stories about the people there ,what you noticed about them and anything or peculiar that they  might have shared .

  1. Mention if the trip matched your expectations

Before leaving for the trip ,note down as to how you expect the trip to be like. This could be anything including traveling ,food ,the people or the company. Later , while you are on the trip or once you return , mention how it did match or not match your expectations. This will help you decide whether you should visit , recommend the place to your family and friends or not go back there at all.

  1. Write about your ups and downs

Not everything will go the way you planned it to be. Expect ups and downs and also be prepared for it. Be prepared to encounter challenges and deal with it step by step. Mention every challenge , every worry ,but also every happy moment you experience.

Do not forget to bring memories to life. Include sketches and a lot of pictures. Because picture can speak a thousand words.


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