Tired of looking the same everyday? You don’t need an occasion to get dressed or look good. To get a makeover you need no reason. You can just get a makeover to feel good about yourself. It is not expensive and can get one whenever it is convenient to you. Women always want to look beautiful and get dressed. Getting a makeover is a complete way to achieve what you want . People into fashion only like showcasing their styling products. It’s time you let them make the best use of them on you. Here are a few tips on how to get the makeover you might need :-

  1. Body

Firstly ,you need to work on your body. Stay healthy. Cut down on fats ,so you maintain your body shape. Include a diet full of proteins , vitamins , carbohydrates. Drink a lot of water and you can also substitute this for a healthy juice or a shake once in a while. Exercise daily. Walk or ride instead of using transport. Get enough sleep , because ‘early to bed ,early to rise keeps you healthy and wise’. Do not oversleep.

  1. Skin

Your skin includes your whole body. Drinking a lot of water will give you a radiant glow. Remove your makeup before sleeping.  Moisturize and wash your face often. Protect your skin from the sun. Use a sunscreen whenever necessary. With regards to make up ,use makeup suitable for your skin tone. Use a concealer to cover spots. Use some eye color and keep your eyebrows in shape.And use whatever kind of eyeliner you may need . Use a color that is complacent with your eye color. Accentuate your cheeks with some highlight or blush. With regards to your lipstick ,use a shade that makes you stand out ,but suit your personality. Before you apply lipstick ,apply Vaseline so your lips feel good .

  1. Hair

Get a haircut that suits for face . Coloring your hair can also give you an elegant look. Use products that are good for your hair and not harmful. Get some extensions or a new hair style.

  1. Wardrobe

Customize your clothing. Start wearing clothes you haven’t worn before. Take a friend along or someone with a really good fashion sense ,for some guidance. Wear some accessories. Use belts ,bags, scarfs. These will make you look better. Also ,wear shoes that are comfortable and unique .

Most important of all , get rid of negative thoughts. Stay happy and keep smiling.


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