Every individual is special. Whatever your body type, you are loved. Your clothes do not define you. Do not let anyone judge you for the clothes you wear or the way you dress. However, while you are at work there is a certain dress code that you must follow. While you are on a vacation, no can stop you. It is advisable to choose clothes that match your body type. Just so it looks pleasing to the audience. Here are a few suggestions on how to match your clothes with your body type:-

  1. A pear shaped body

In this kind of a body type, weight is concentrated right above your waist. Your hips are larger than your waist. Kind of like a triangle. Your shoulders are narrow, with curvy hips. Wear clothes that balance your hips with your shoulders. Do not wear too tight pants. Wear slightly flared pants and a bra that brings your shoulders and hips in comparison.

  1. An apple shaped body

Here most weight is concentrated in the bust area. You look at the mirror and you will notice fat in the chest area and your shoulders are wide. Legs are comparatively slimmer. Try wearing clothes that take attention off your top area. Go for layered tops or V necklines. Wrap around dresses will also work wonders for you.

  1. An hourglass shaped body

The term says it all. When you look at someone with this kind of a body type, you will literally picture an hourglass. This body type is considered one of the hottest body types. Wear clothes that highlight your curves. Go comfortable with regards to your undergarments.

  1. A straight body type

Here the shoulders are aligned with your waist. Your shoulders are flat and narrow and your silhouette will appear as a straight. Choose clothes that add a little busty look to your waist. Wear a belt if needed. Wear tights and skirts. With regards to undergarments, try going for a padded bra.


Once you consider what type of a body you have, you can then choose your clothing. Pay attention to your curves and wear clothes that certainly accentuate these. If you have weight concentrated below your waist, take it as a bonus. The clothes you wear suiting your body type will only make you appear confident.






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