Every other person will need advice in some way or another. An image consultant will provide you guidance on your image and makes sure it matches the expectations of the organization. This could be with regards to anything like your makeup, hair, etiquette, communication skills, etc. You should have an eye for style and know a good enough amount of fashion. It is not easy to get into the career, but a following a few steps will help you get there:-

  1. Get a course

Colleges do not actually provide a degree in the course. However, you can attend workshops and also do a related course. These courses will help you learn whatever the job comprises of. Doing something that subtly related to the field will also help you imbibe necessary skills. After you have done a course, make sure you intern with professionals or even work in related field.

  1. Start small

It’s time you start by making a portfolio. Make sure you enter only the necessary information that is relevant. Start by offering some free makeovers. This will definitely not be a waste of time but will help you do better. Once you have read up quite a bit on this and got some experience in the field and related, you can then decide what you want your are of specialization to be. Once you have got a certification, you can also get your own business card.

  1. Marketing

This is a very important step. Only then will people know about you and will hire you when they need you. Also, it will help you increase contacts and widen your area of networking. There always will be competition, but don’t let that affect you if you know your ability and where you stand.

  1. Skills

Firstly, you should be a people person. Clients will be pleased if you honestly tell them how you feel. You should get comfortable with your client so that your client puts forth their point well. Also, you should maintain your tone of voice and be understood. Leave room for feedback, suggestions, etc. Work on your communication skills, be a good presenter and stay committed and motivated.

  1. Possess enough information about what you do

Jobs like teaching, mentoring and consulting get you most respect. Because your clients and students will always look up to you. Moreover, the money is also good and there is a potential to expand and excel.




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