The wedding season is just around the corner. This is the day when couples want a little more than they already expect. And of course, since they cannot handle much on their own they hire wedding planners. These wedding planners assist the couple in whatever help required. Due to this trend, wedding planners are on the rise. And with this comes competition. However, if you are good at what you do and have quite a reputation in society, no one will hesitate to hire you. Here are a few steps to take if you are keen on entering the field:-

  1. Attend a training program

There are several courses to become a wedding planner containing modules which will help you learn about the various facets involved. Moreover, these courses will help assess your personality and Om attending sessions you will know if you are fit for the job. These come with a reasonable fee and you need to do your research before you enroll for a course with a particular organization.

  1. Possess skills

Being a wedding planner will require skills on your path. It is not a piece of cake. In fact every job you undertake will expect you to possess skills that match job description. In order to be a wedding planning you must be good at organizing, be punctual, good with networking, and help solve problems, be efficient. Also, you should be groomed well and be good at speaking, with gestures, tone of voice and body language, good sense of style. Moreover, you should be accepting of all cultures, religion and be tolerant.

  1. Do a few internships

Gaining experience on the field is better than just learning. Do a few short term internships if possible. Or else, work with event companies. See how they function and the scope of working. This will help you know what you are getting into. Starting with small events at home will also be some sort of experience. Plan for your relatives and friends and treat them like clients.

  1. Read up

Getting information via books, articles, blogs, will always be useful. Read up on some famous wedding planner magazines. Watch a few shows even if it just a little related to your field. You can get insights, suggestions and ideas from professionals.

  1. Know about the pros and cons

The job is not easy. You will have to be available anytime and ready to answer grievances and questions from clients at all times. However, there are pros over cons. You will develop a lot of contacts. Also, you will learn to be quick, good with decisions and think rationally


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